baby name predictions for 2024, mama disrupt

Having a baby? Top baby name predictions for 2024

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If you’re having a baby this year, there is one list you totally need to be across – the top baby name predictions for 2024.

By Anneka Rose

Welcome to the world of baby naming in 2024!

As we step into this new era, parents are seeking names that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and forward-thinking. From vintage classics making a remarkable comeback to names inspired by nature and global cultures, 2024’s baby name trends reflect a blend of nostalgia and new-age thinking.

baby name predictions for 2024, mama disrupt

Girl’s Names:
  1. Juniper: Nature-inspired, meaning “young” or “evergreen.”
  2. Azalea: Beautiful flower name symbolizing abundance and joy.
  3. Blossom: New beginnings, beauty, and hope.
  4. Poppy: Striking flower name gaining popularity after Jenna Bush Hager’s daughter.
  5. Lily: Timeless classic with a beautiful floral connection.
  6. Daisy: Another sweet flower name, cheerful and bright.
  7. Jasmine: Romantic flower with a lovely sound and fragrance.
  8. Rose: Classic and elegant, still holding strong.
  9. Indigo: Unique and mystical color name with growing popularity.
  10. Violet: Pretty flower name with a hint of royalty.
  11. Millie: Cute old-fashioned nickname for Millicent or Amelia.
  12. Josie: Friendly and familiar nickname for Josephine or Joanna.
  13. Sunny: Upbeat and optimistic, radiating warmth and happiness.
  14. Wren: Small but spirited bird name, nature-inspired and unique.
  15. Dove: Symbolic of peace and hope, with a gentle sound.
  16. Willow: Graceful and strong tree name, with earthy, mystical vibes.
  17. Artemis: Powerful Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon.
  18. Florence: Elegant and sophisticated, evoking Renaissance art and culture.
  19. Fern: Delicate and elegant, a nature-inspired name gaining traction.
  20. Winter: Cool and unique, evoking snow and beauty.
baby name predictions for 2024, mama disrupt
Boy’s Names:
  1. Orion: Strong and adventurous, constellation name associated with strength and good luck.
  2. Rowan: Tree name symbolizing wisdom and protection.
  3. Ren: Short and impactful, potentially related to “resilience” or Japanese for “lotus.”
  4. Cade: Rugged and Western-inspired, meaning “fighter” or “barrel.”
  5. Hayes: Irish surname name gaining popularity, strong and masculine.
  6. Jett: Short and stylish, with connotations of speed and flight.
  7. Stetson: Western cowboy hat brand name, evoking adventure and ruggedness.
  8. Sage: Wise and spiritual herb name, with a cool and unique feel.
  9. Koa: Hawaiian tree name meaning “warrior” and symbolizing strength.
  10. Lucian: Latin name meaning “light,” bright and positive.
  11. Lionel: Old English name meaning “little lion,” strong and fierce.
  12. Milan: Stylish city name with Italian flair, modern and cosmopolitan.
  13. Leandro: Spanish name meaning “lion,” with a cool and exotic sound.
  14. Colter: Rugged and outdoorsy name, perfect for adventurous spirits.
  15. Alora: Beautiful and melodic, potentially of Latin origin.
  16. Wrenley: Unique twist on the popular “Wren,” adding a touch of sophistication.
  17. Xiomara: Strong and dramatic Spanish name, rare and memorable.
  18. Maximilian: Classic and regal name with royal associations.
  19. Arlo: Irish name meaning “eagle,” majestic and powerful.
  20. Cassian: Latin name meaning “of the camp,” with a mysterious and intriguing vibe.

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