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How society can stop exploiting women and actually empower them

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Wanna really talk about empowering women? Because it isn’t just a 9-to-5 thing. It starts (and ends) at home. Ladies, let’s rally.

By Ava Wilde

We’ve all seen the headlines: women smashing it in the workplace, breaking glass ceilings, and generally being awesome. But here’s the thing, there’s a catch. The fight for equality isn’t just about getting women into offices and boardrooms. It’s about what happens when they get home.

The quote, “If we empower women to work outside the house without expecting men to work inside the house, then we aren’t empowering women, we’re exploiting them,” hits the nail on the head. Because let’s face it, many women end up doing a double shift – juggling demanding careers with the lion’s share of housework and childcare. Talk about exhausting.


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This unequal division of labour isn’t just unfair, it’s holding women back. It can lead to:

Being knackered all the time: Constantly being on the go takes its toll, both physically and mentally. Imagine trying to give your all at work when you’re running on fumes.

Career struggles: Spending all your spare time cleaning and cooking leaves little room for career development. No wonder women often hit glass ceilings, they’re too busy mopping floors.

Stuck in a rut: When traditional gender roles persist, it reinforces the idea that women are the ones who do the housework. Not exactly empowering, is it?

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So, how do we actually empower women? Here’s the plan:

1. Sharing is caring

Men need to step up and share the responsibility for housework and childcare. This isn’t just about helping out, it’s about creating a real partnership where everyone contributes equally.

2. Unpaid work matters

We need to recognise the economic and social value of all the things women traditionally do in the home. It’s not just “women’s work,” it’s essential labour that keeps families and communities running. Think about it, who cooks the dinner, sorts out the kids, and makes sure the house doesn’t fall apart?

3. Challenge the norm

Let’s ditch those outdated ideas about what men and women “should” do. Open conversations and educational campaigns can help dismantle harmful stereotypes and promote shared responsibility.

4. Flexible working, please

Businesses can play a big role by offering flexible work arrangements, childcare options, and parental leave policies that support working parents, both mums and dads.

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This isn’t just about individual choices, it’s about changing the system. By creating a society where both men and women share responsibility for home and work, we can build a future that’s fairer and more fulfilling for everyone.

Think about it:

Happier families

When everyone chips in, there’s less stress and more time for everyone to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Booming careers

When women aren’t weighed down by housework, they can reach their full potential in the workplace. That’s good for them, good for businesses, and good for the economy.

A fairer society

When everyone has equal opportunities and contributes equally, we all benefit. It’s a win-win situation.

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Empowering women is about more than just getting them into the workplace. It’s about creating a world where equality goes beyond a paycheque, and everyone has the chance to thrive, at home and at work. Now that’s something worth fighting for!

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