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How to Achieve Work/Life Balance Without Losing Your Cool

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By Julia Christie

As mamas, we face new challenges every day, but one recurring hurdle, is work/life balance.

Just when I find myself in the right mindset and settle down in my work space, the mum guilt kicks in and I think I should be spending time with my littles, cuddling them and reading books.

“Just like all of you, I have moments where I get frazzled and flustered.”

Then, when I’m doing housework, I feel like I should be knuckling down and getting work done.

It feels like it never ends!

Just like all of you, I have moments where I get frazzled and flustered with the everyday household tasks that seem to be endless… clothes washing, keeping a tidy house, cooking, and constantly picking up after three little children.

On top of this I need to maintain a business that I run from my home.

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4 tools every boss mama needs for work/life balance

1 // Listen to your inner voice

Doing daily household tasks while managing a business from home can be challenging at times.

I talk to myself, reassure myself and find my inner voice that reminds me to take a moment… and breathe.

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2 // Embrace the to do list

Never underestimate the power of a to do list!

I keep my list somewhere visible (like on the fridge), that way there is no escaping daily tasks and chores.

I find it easier to have two separate lists; a parenting to do list and one strictly for my business, but find what works best for you.

When I schedule work meetings, playdates, doctors appointments and run errands, everything revolves around my trusty to do list.

In this tech age, most of you no doubt rely on your mobile phone to set reminders and schedule meetings, but my weapon of choice is a poster calendar on my fridge. That’s because at any given time, my mobile can be snatched and taken away, or accidentally dropped in a body of water by my toddler!!!

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3 // Find your space

It’s important for me to have a designated area that I work from. Not only does it put me in a focused frame of mind, my kids know that when I am sitting there, I am working.

I think it’s important for them to see their mama working hard and enjoying the work that she does, I want to be a role model.

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4 // Compartmentalise

At home, and in fact most of the time, I have to wear two hats. When I wear my business hat, I am a driven ‘fempreneur’. But when I wear my mama hat, I am fully devoted to my kids and loving husband.

You may find it tricky to set allocated times to get work done, but trust me when I say, it gets easier along the way. As my children get older, I am able to plan and schedule my work life to better suit my children’s needs and my needs.

And remember… celebrate your successes even if they only represent small daily accomplishments.

Being a mama is something to embrace and encourage and being a #bossmama is the best of both worlds.

Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself to nail the work/life balance – remember that every day is different.