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How to ask for help when you don’t know what you need

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Sometimes it can feel impossible to ask for help [especially when you don’t quite know what you need]. The thing is to just start talking. By being open, honest, and patient, you’ll be surprised how much insight and comfort a friendly conversation can provide. Good luck, mama.

By Mama Disrupt®

Motherhood can be super challenging at times, and sometimes it’s tough to pinpoint exactly what kind of help you need. Here are some steps to help you reach out to someone and have a friendly chat about it.

1. Reflect on the challenge

Take a moment to think about what’s been on your mind lately or what’s been making life as a mum extra tough. It’s okay if you can’t figure out the exact issue — just acknowledging it is a great start.

2. Pick your confidant

Find someone you trust, like a fellow mum, family member, or friend who’s been there and can lend a listening ear or share their wisdom.

3. Break the ice

Casually bring up how you’re feeling, mentioning that you’re not exactly sure what’s going on, but you could use a little support. They’ll probably appreciate your honesty and be eager to help.

4. Share your mum moments

Open up about your experiences, thoughts, and emotions without holding back. The more you share, the more they’ll be able to relate and offer guidance.

how to ask for help, mama disrupt

5. Paint a picture

Give them some real-life examples of situations where you’ve felt overwhelmed or unsure. It’ll help them grasp what you’re going through and maybe even spark some helpful suggestions.

6. Brainstorm together

Ask if they can help you explore your concerns and come up with potential solutions or coping strategies. Their perspective might shed light on things you haven’t thought of.

7. Embrace the journey

Remember, motherhood is a rollercoaster, and finding the right answers takes time. Be open to the conversation and give yourself—and your confidant—time to navigate it together.

8. Show your appreciation

Don’t forget to thank them for their support and understanding, even if you don’t find an immediate solution. They’ll feel valued, and it’s a great way to strengthen your bond.