MAMA LOVES: The New Must-Have Pram for the Style-Savvy Mama

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By Kerrie Simon-Lawrence, Dep Ed

Confession time: When I found out I was pregnant, among the usual anxiety surrounding an impending birth, I had what my husband referred to as “pram anxiety”. He was pretty accurate.

While the other mamas in my antenatal group were swapping tips via our WhatsApp group about “breathing the baby out”, I was manically researching “prams that look cool” and “buggies for fashion-focused mothers”.

You know when you’re in the market for a big-ticket item like a car, all you seem to notice is what other people are driving? It was the same for me and prams. Suddenly I was seeing prams everywhere I’d never noticed them before: manoeuvring the frozen section at Coles, being awkwardly loaded onto public transport, navigating the crowds at farmers markets.

Here’s the thing: I wanted my pram to look like an extension of me and my style, not an awkward addition to my every move. I’d seen the fluoro-hooded buggies that seemed to scream “Look! I’ve given up on style!” And I didn’t want any part of it.

After a few months of intense pram-watching (as well as accosting mamas on the streets about what they loved/loathed about their prams), I had settled on Mountain Buggy. I loved that all of their luxury buggies come with puncture-proof aeromaxx tyres, as well as a satchel and change mat in co-ordinating luxury fabrics. Reviews from mamas claimed the urban jungle luxury range was easy to navigate, folded down in a second and was lightweight. All important attributes, sure, but what really pushed me over the line was their newly launched Luxury Collection.

With a choice of four iconic luxury styles – Herringbone is inspired by Savile Row, Pepita is a contemporary take on houndstooth, Nautical appeals to the more traditional mama, and Geo is an artistic cubic design – the prams are unapologetically stylish as well as functional.

I opted for the Herringbone print and immediately felt smug. When I put my bebe in it for the first time, I knew he was safe and comfy, thanks to the five-point harness. And I also knew that we looked fierce as her hit the pavement.

I may not be wearing my stilettos to coffee catch-ups with friends these days, and my designer clutch has been replaced with a nappy bag for now. But when I push my fash-tastic Mountain Buggy into a cafe, I still feel like me. And that counts for a heck of a lot.

You can check out Mountain Buggy at, on Instagram at @mountain_buggy and on Facebook at @lifewithoutlimit.

You can buy the Mountain Buggy luxury collection at

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