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5 Inspiring Websites to Visit (While On Your Phone)

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by Yasmin Thomas

How many times have you checked your Insta newsfeed on the phone today, mamas? Lost count already? SAME. HERE.

More than ever before, we are spending more and more time on our mobiles. And the stats don’t lie: according to a recent study done by Huawei and Decibel Research, the average Australian spends 2.5 hours a day on their phone. That’s 70 hours a month!

So what have you been doing on the phone all this time?
A. Catching up on emails while bebe takes a nap.
B. Browsing my social media feeds, including facebook and Instagram.
C. Checking in and out of different chat groups like WhatsApp and Messenger.

If you answered “Yes” to A, B or C or ALL OF THE ABOVE, then it’s time to start expanding your horizons, mama! Why not refuel your soul with some needed inspiration instead?

Challenge your existing perceptions of life and reimagine the way you see the everyday (and yourself) with inspiring reads from these online gems.

Enjoy xx

1 // A CUP OF JO

A former writer on Cosmopolitan magazine and relationships blogger on, French-born Joanna Goddard began “A Cup of Jo” initially as a hobby around 2009. Today the blog has become Jo’s full-time gig! We love her refreshing #realtalk approach to motherhood, fashion, culture and life with her fam bam residing in Brooklyn, NYC. So what does this mama of two love about blogging? “Having a close relationship with my beloved readers. Starting the Motherhood Mondays column because we started discussing marriage, breastfeeding, depression, infertility, everything. Having these conversations has been an incredible, eye-opening, heartwarming experience.” Definitely one to bookmark!


Previously known as “Petite Kitchen”, Eleanor Ozich embraces the slow life (rather beautifully!) with her family, including children Bella, Obi and baby Archie in their 1950s beach house on the coastline of New Zealand. Her delightful blog is a journal of the things she loves, including recipes, ideas and moments inspired by all things simple and beautiful. Eleanor’s photography is breathtaking and will make you want to relocate to a beautiful cottage in the hinterland with your fam bam. Sigh.


Who doesn’t love a peek inside the tiny facets of how people live their lives? In the case of “Into the Gloss” it’s a look through the beauty routines of inspiring women. Known for profiles, including Top Shelf, Top Shelfie and Top Shelf After Dark, ITG editors sit on the bathroom floors of everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kelly Rowland to discuss products, skincare routines and what beauty means to different women. You’ll be visiting this site on the daily. Try not to get too obsessed!


This gorgeous site and magazine aims to see the beauty in every woman. The Darling blog  covers a mix of interest areas from beauty, culture, fashion and the issues facing women today. Sarah Dubbledam, Editor-in-Chief, describes Darling as “A force of good with arms wide open, pulling women close into one deliberate hug and saying: ‘Hey, let’s rest here awhile and talk about how wonderful you are.'” YASSS. We are about female empowerment here at Mama Disrupt!


We are big fans of inspirational fitness mama, Revie Jane! This Gold Coast gal is spreading her passion for exercise and positive vibes like wildfire across her growing Instagram community, and we simply can’t get enough! On her blog you’ll enjoy easy to follow videos on do-anywhere exercises to help you along your fitness journey, meal prep tips and also a closer look at how Revie deals with being a mama.

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