How to Wake Up Inspired

by Natalie Bascur

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~ William Shakespeare.

Inspiration. The word brings to mind Instagram ‘quotes of the day’ by fit girls in active wear.

But what does it actually mean?

Can you really wake up every morning so inspired that you jump out of bed and can’t wait for the day ahead to get started?


And you can start by following the simple tips below.

1. Discard unwanted commitments

We often say ‘yes’ to things too much. It’s much harder to actively choose our projects than to just accept whatever comes our way. Regularly going over your commitments to make sure that you’re only working on things that truly excite you is an essential to being inspired.

2. Don’t underestimate nature

The power of nature to lift your spirits is free, simple, and generally overlooked. Go outside, look around, and start taking notice of your surroundings. Start your morning with a walk around a garden, a swim on the beach, or take a different route to mix up the everyday walk to the train station. Actually look up from your phone and leave your headphones off, listen to the birds and smell those roses.

3. Surround yourself with inspiring people

The people you choose to spend your time with will have a big impact on your level of inspiration. After a certain age, it’s important to be selective about the people you let into your life as your time is precious. You can start by following inspiring people on Instagram or keeping in touch with the people you admire.

4. Challenge yourself

The more you move in the direction of things that challenge you and make you a nervous (it’s called getting outside of your comfort zone), the more likely you will find inspiration. You can’t expect to be inspired by eating the same thing every day, following the same routine, working the same boring job, watching the same television shows. You have to decide to follow your passions, and choose to do things that might make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

5. Create an inspiring physical space

What is it that you truly love to do? Fill your space with things that remind you of your passion. If fashion or travelling is your passion, make sure your surroundings reflect that. Read inspirational autobiographies, put up pictures from your dream destinations. It only takes a few hours to set up at the most, and will give you a goal to work towards and make your heart sing. It’s a reminder of what is possible.

6. Make a playlist

Make a playlist of songs that give you energy and inspire you so you can listen to them in the morning as you’re getting ready. Not only will you mix up your morning routine, but you’ll have motivation to get your tasks done faster. Plus, having a great song stuck in your head all day makes everything you do more fun.

7. Lastly, ask yourself these questions everyday
  • What do I have to look forward to today?
  • What’s something perfect about my life?
  • How can I make today truly awesome?
  • What’s the greatest thing that could happen today?

By asking yourself these kinds of questions, you start to shift the focus of your mind toward all of the things you want to have happen to you – manifesting that they will.

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