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How To Survive Breastfeeding and Postpartum

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By Mama Disrupt® and Hey Mama

How are you mama? Breastfeeding and postpartum is tough, isn’t it?

We put our goddess mama bods through a lot in bringing a new little human into the world, and then we feed them and nourish their growing bodies with our own.

So we need someone to have our back and to look after us.

Hey Mama – We’ve Got You is a supplement brand made just for YOU – new mums – to help support your breastfeeding and postpartum journey.

How To Survive Breastfeeding and Postpartum hey mama we've got you mama disrupt

This cool AF brand launched at the end of 2020, when Lisa Lin’s sister-in-law was struggling with breastfeeding.

“I noticed that she was eating up to 2-3 lactation cookies a day. Being a bit of a health nut, I wanted to get her something healthy and nourishing that she could have daily, that wasn’t full of sugar and also wouldn’t cause tummy issues for the baby,” she says.

“So I worked with a lactation consultant and formulator over several months, to create Australia’s first dairy free and gluten free lactation protein smoothie.”

Everything is made in Australia from all natural and organic ingredients, and it’s all free from refined sugars and caffeine.

Just to make sure they really are as good as they sound, here at MD® HQ, we’ve been sampling the incredible range of functional, clean and healthy treats. And they are seriously sooo yum, they legit taste like cake batter.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself. We have hooked you up with a 15% off discount with the code MAMADISRUPT15.

breastfeeding and postpartum hey mama we've got you mama disrupt
How does something so delicious actually support breastfeeding?

Good question.

The Lactation Protein Smoothies help support and enrich your milk supply while also providing nutritional and energy support to help with postpartum recovery.

One serving is a good source of protein, fibre, superfoods, fatty acids and galactagogues. It’s the perfect guilt free treat that you can have every day, to help with your milk supply and postpartum recovery.

  • There is milk-inducing goodness from galactagogues (milk thistle, flaxseed and gluten free brewer’s yeast)
  • 10g of Vegan protein per serve to assist with recovery and keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Coconut milk, which contains good fatty acids to help enrich breast milk
  • Superfoods like MCT oil and Acai berry, to help give you that much needed energy boost
  • 500mg of Sunflower Lecithin per serve to help with stickiness and blocked ducts
  • And it’s friendly for babies with sensitive tummies (all of the lactation products are dairy free and gluten free)
breastfeeding and postpartum hey mama we've got you mama disrupt
Why this is so important

Breastfeeding takes a lot out of new mums. And because babies depend on their mum for nutrition, we need loads of nutrients and energy to keep up with the demands of breastfeeding.

Fun fact: Breastfeeding mums burn up to an additional 500 calories. Not to mention we are also sleep deprived (#tiredasamother). So it is really important that mums are nourishing their bodies with good nutrients, because this can affect our milk supply.

When to start nourishing your body for breastfeeding and postpartum

You should start knocking back lactation protein smoothies once you have given birth. That’s when your body needs all of the extra nutrients and energy it can get. You’ve just created life, girl!

And by nourishing your body with good nutrients, it can help with your milk supply and postpartum recovery. Which is something all new mums need.

breastfeeding and postpartum hey mama we've got you mama disrupt
More support through postpartum period

Postpartum hair loss is something so many mums experience, and Hey Mama has your back there too!

Throw a couple of scoops of Glow Up collagen powder in your morning smoothie. And the Yas Queen Vegan Protein is amazing for postpartum recovery, too.

“Through watching my sister navigate being a first time mum, I saw that sometimes things don’t go as planned and a lot of mums struggle with mum guilt,” she says.

“Not to mention it can be very lonely, especially when almost all the attention is focused on the baby.

“I want to let new mums know that Hey Mama, has your back, you are not alone, you don’t need to be the perfect mum and you will get through it. It is so important to let mums know they are supported and give them support.”

SHOP NOW, and don’t forget to use the code MAMADISRUPT15 for 15% off your order.

P.S Keep an eye out for your positive affirmations cards in every order!

breastfeeding and postpartum hey mama we've got you mama disrupt