Jules Sebastian

Interview: How Stylist + TV Presenter Jules Sebastian Does the Mama Juggle

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With her eldest son, Hudson, 5 in his second year of primary school, and her youngest, Archer, 3 not far behind, STYLIST and TV presenter, JULES SEBASTIAN has quickly learnt to hone the BALANCE between MOTHERHOOD and CAREER.

We chat to the  H2coco Lunchbox Range ambassador about her recent health kick, how she conquers the mama juggle and what she has in her bag to keep on top of it all!

You and your husband Guy took on a bit of a health challenge last year, what was the motivation to kick-start your new, healthier lifestyle?
JS: We realised we could do better with our health and fitness and it was time to do something about it. I knew that I was being lazy when it came to my eating (eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to eat it!), and I was doing nothing active to move my body. Enough was enough, so we both just decided one day to make our health a priority.

Are your boys active? How do you keep them up and about, healthy and happy? Have they joined you on your health journey?
JS: Our boys are super, duper active humans. We have to make them sit down for a break! Hudson plays tennis, cricket and they both do swimming lessons during the week. We are constantly at playgrounds, scooter parks and the beach. We are all action! We just try to give them something everyday to keep them active. I am conscious of what I give them to eat and try to make dinners from scratch with healthy produce, pack their lunch box with fruit, vegetables, eggs and oats for breakfast. We do give them treats, but we try to limit them as much as possible!

You are a now the Ambassador for the H2coco Lunchbox range, how important is it for you and your family to have access to convenient, better-for-you drinks?
JS: I think anything convenient and better-for-you gets the tick of approval from me! Life is hectic and full, so having healthy options like H2coco’s Lunchbox Range, makes one less thing to have to add to the to do list.

How do you and Guy work as a team when it comes to parenting your boys?
JS: I think we understand our roles and what we each bring to the family. We agree on how to raise our babies and have each others backs on each parenting moment. We like to have fun with our kids, but know the serious side and responsibility it takes to be parents.

What’s Guy’s best quality as a father?
JS: He is so much fun! He is always joking around with the boys and making them laugh.

What’s your best quality as a mother?
JS: Consistency.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?
JS: All of it! Ha! I would probably say all the different stages that come your way that you have never had to deal with before. Everyday is a curve ball.

What’s the best thing about being a mum?
JS: Snuggles and the cute things they say like… “I like your hair Mum, it’s pretty.”

Can you share with us your 6 must-have items you carry in your bag everyday?
JS: Wet wipes, a hand ball (or small toy), pull ups, extra snacks (an apple or rice cakes) and a couple of H2coco Lunchbox Range poppers for me or the boys – these are all great as they slip conveniently into a handbag, gym bag or back pack!

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