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BE INSPIRED: Team MD Share Their Fav Finds for the New Year…

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Happy New Year Mamas!

What’s inspiring you at the moment? We thought we’d share some of Team MD’s current loves – everything from sweet TUNES, mama fashion brands, great READS to CONNECTIONS with everyday mamas…


Fav quote // “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” von Goethe

Brand // Alf The Label – I love their cow print wallets and bags.

Music // EMBRZ

Sneakers // Always obsessed. Fav at the mo Nike Air Max 90 SE in Particle Pink + Tan


Book // Quiet. The Power of a Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

Fav quote // “The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.”Paulo Coelho

Trying New Things // My partner and I love going on adventures, we always try to go to new markets, try different cuisines, activities, go to classic movies, heavy metal concerts, even the Opera!


Mama Power // Every day I’m speaking with businesses who are trying to build their brand or take their business to the next level. They’re often mamas, just like me, who are aiming to kick ass in their role while doing their best to balance their work with family, often a young family with a baby on the scene.

I find it inspiring to learn about their current challenges and wins; to know that we can ace both roles. I love when we share our fist pump moments!


Fav quote //  “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” ~ Martin Luther King each day through motherhood (and sometimes business when you grow/venture), who knows what the day is going to bring sometimes but it’s a fun ride to be on! It’s given me the opportunity to embrace and understand my mama tribe near and far in a whole new way. Love it!

Fav read // Mama Disrupt® and Collective Hub have been my main reads of late. It’s so easy to have a quick read and instantly feel inspired! In the process of reading Work Strife Life by Mia Freedman, only half way through but it’s been great timing after having bubs.

Mama Disrupt Magazine

Home Inspo // We have recently bought our first home (YAY!) so I’ve been on the lookout for some styling tips on Pinterest and Instagram. I’ve loved trawling through the feeds of talented Aussie gals, The Style Philes, By. Betina and Three Bird Renovations. Now it’s decision time!

Ocean Swim // I feel so refreshed after taking a quick dip in the ocean! Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, a swim is all I need to feel renergised and ready to take on anything.

Fav reads // I am currently re-reading true crime biography, Mindhunter AGAIN (I’ve had the book since I was 15 so I’ve lost count!), so I can finally start watching the TV adaptation on Netflix. It delves into the psychology of human behaviour and what drives people to behave the way they do. It’s fascinating.

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Main image by Bruno Nascimento