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Looking for a trampoline for the kids this summer?

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Summer has officially landed, and we couldn’t be more excited about long days, endless time spent outdoors and lots of fun with the fam bam.

As we spend the days relaxing in the backyard, this inevitably means the kids will be busy with lots of activities. Think hours in the swimming pool, running around and jumping for joy on the trampoline.

So that you can relax into summer and remove any room for mishaps, it’s a good idea to get the safety factors in check. After all, you don’t want anything coming between you, the sun and your familymaking lasting memories. And if you have a trampoline on your Christmas shopping list, you’ll want to read on.

Summer is a prominent time for trampoline use and injury in Australia, so it’s important you’re aware of the Australian Safety Standards when it comes to trampolines.

Sadly, the current Australian trampoline standard – AS 4989:2015 – is voluntary. This means manufacturers are not required by law to meet safety standards to sell their product.

Who did pass the safety the test, you ask? In December 2017, CHOICE® tested eight Australian trampoline brands, with all failing the safety test except Springfree Trampoline (a favourite of the MD team) – who were the ONLY trampoline brand to pass the tests.

Springfree trampolineIt’s shocking to know that we’ve been purchasing trampolines that are not compliant with the standards.

So, if you want your kids bouncing their way into a happy summer, give yourself peace of mind with a trusted brand.

Want to know just how good trampolines are for promoting good health in little ones? Keep on scrolling.

4 // reasons why trampolines are great for kids’ health

1 // Activity equals relaxed kids

Ensuring your kids stay active and fit is good for so many reasons – the most important, according to the Healthy Kids government website, is that it helps promote healthy growth and development, relieves stress levels and promotes relaxation and improves sleep.

Family fun on the Springfree trampoline2 // Good for the heart health of little ones

You’ll be very pleased to hear that increasing our heart rate with just 10 minutes of bouncing a day will strengthen the muscles that are needed for a healthy cardiovascular system. If a happy heart isn’t a good enough reason to bounce, we don’t know what is! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Next time why not get in on the jumping action with the kids, too?

3 // It’s safe (which means peace of mind for mama)

Safety is key! Having recently also been endorsed by CHOICE®, you should also know that with a spring-free design, hidden frame, pads for cushioning and comfort and the FlexiNet enclosure, you can be rest assured that your little one is safe when they’re busy bouncing up their activity levels on the Springfree Trampoline.

4 // Jumping on a trampoline offers kids a co-ordination boost

If you worry about the co-ordination and balance of your littles ones, step right this way. The combination of jumping high, maintaining balance and concentrating on executing the moves, can help to improve motor skills and co-ordination.

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**Although Springfree are one of our beloved partners, we can wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that we ADORE their tramps – our review is independently written full of love and bouncy happiness, with our beautiful Jess having shelled out her hard-earned $$ for her wonder tramp off her own impeccably tanned back. You can read her review here.

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