How to Contour Like a Pro in 5 Minutes Flat

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Words // Kristina Ioannou

Feeling blah? We can fix that. Well actually, we can’t fix it completely (go and give yourself some SELF LOVE mama!), BUT we can at least help you look like you have just stepped off a day on the beach.


Bronzer is a miracle product. A big ol’ pan of mystical powder that can take your skin from hasn’t-seen-the-light-of-day-in-forever to just-got-back-from-an-island-vacay.

Nevermind that your bronzing skills may be the equivalent to a toddler wielding a makeup brush. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And if you’re still reading this, there’s a will.

If you’re sans contouring know-how, sans time and sans makeup artist, these simple steps will have you achieving the chiselled, four-dimensional facial effect you’ve been dreaming of in less than 5 minutes flat. Hot mama, here we come.


Start with your base – less is more. A pea sized amount of foundation or tinted moisturiser is enough to cover unsightly blemishes and create a uniform skin tone. Spot conceal if needed.


If you’re unsure whether you should be reaching for a cream or powder bronzer, the best way to decide is to consider your skin type. Oily skinned dames will pair well with a powder consistency to soak up oil and control excess shine, while drier skin should opt for a cream bronzer to contour and hydrate simultaneously.


Most contour tutorials will have you using 50 shades of brown, but one colour is enough if you’re racing the clock. If you’ve opted for a powder bronzer, swish your bronzer brush into your palette and apply to the jaw line, sides of foreheads and the underside of your cheekbones. The secret here is to contort your face into a fish-like effect so you can see where the hollows of the cheeks. If you’re using a cream bronzer, massage product into the hollows of cheeks with fingertip, using the warmth of your fingers to create a seamless effect. Gone a bit overboard? Buff areas lightly with a clean makeup brush to absorb any excess residue.


If you have a highlighter handy, apply to the high planes of your face – down the bridge of the nose, tops of cheekbones just above your contour, cupid’s bow and brow bone. This will instantly add that enviable glow you might remember from back in the pregnancy days. The key here is a ‘glow-from-the-inside’ effect. 


We’re in our final minute! A swish of mascara, a brush-through of the eyebrows, a lick of au naturale lippie and you’re out the door. Easy.

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