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MAMA LOVES: The Secret to Keeping Kids Entertained (so you can chill)

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By Jessica Jane Sammut

Yo’ mamas. Is anyone else sending themselves mad trying to keep their kids entertained?! 🙋🏼 It’s busy, it’s crazy, it’s never-ending!!

BUT what if I was to tell you I had found something that could entertain your kids for you whilst also keeping them active (cue Flashdance music, and no, it does not involve screens – that’s cheating).


As a family, we recently bit the bullet and purchased a Springfree Trampoline, and I have to say, I feel compelled to share my experience as it is the best thing we have bought for the kids in years (and believe me, we’ve bought them a lot of cr*p!)

You see this smile on my face?

It’s because my kids have been outside on their tramp for the WHOLE of the school holidays, leaving me gloriously to bask in the divine serenity of my own company. I’ve caught up on my fav TV show, finished a magazine that I have been waiting to read for weeks, AND have actually managed to drink several cups of tea HOT. I might have even meditated for a few seconds.

I know. Pure unadulterated joy. ☕️

trampoline, springfree

Opting for Springfree as the Apple of trampolines (because not only do I like things to look sexy and modern, I also like them to be safe), I haven’t been disappointed. Since setting the tramp up, the kids haven’t been off it! They play on it together, they play on it with their friends and they play on it alone.

I had always wanted a Springfree as they are not only the best-looking tramp on the market (with a love of monochrome, just like me!), but they are also the safest, with not a nasty pinchy-pinchy spring in sight. However, in the past, I admit I struggled a little with the higher price tag than some of the standard tramps.

Having now dealt with the numerous kid injuries that result from standard tramps though, when my last tramp died (another thing that annoys me – most standard tramps only last a year or two before they start falling apart), I decided to take a leaf out of Nike’s book with regard to my Springfree calling and JUST DO IT.

And I have to say, it has been the best investment we have made for a long while – the kids LOVE it. And if the kids are happy (and busy), that means they are not asking for food, which means this mama is happy too.

It’s not like we haven’t had a tramp before, but my boisterous boys cannot get enough of this one.

trampoline, springfree

Bubba zipped in nice and safe = mama time! 💪🏼

I confess, we did get the accessories bundle with it, including the FlexrHoop (a soft, flexible basketball hoop) which, granted, added a new element of excitement, and we also got the tgoma attachment which turns the tramp into a ‘smart tramp’ so you can connect the trampoline to a tablet and utilise the educational and fitness apps (the tramp senses your movement!).

But even without these, the trampoline is still a firm hit and in a different league to other trampolines I have seen. In fact, the kids actually use the tramp more with the tgoma off, although they love the FlexrHoop which keeps them going for hours. It even gets me jumping (hold in that pelvic floor mamas)!

With the Springfree made to last with a 10-year warranty, I know this will be our final tramp and I suspect it will go to another lucky family after the boys have outgrown their jumping phase. My only wish is that we had bought one sooner. Lesson learnt: listen to your GUTS mamas!

And while the kids are bouncing? Mama is chillaxing (NO, do not start doing chores).

trampoline, springfree

You can check Springfree out here: springfree.com.au (we got the Jumbo Square tramp as we live out bush, but the compact ones are just as awesome). AND we have a trampoline to GIVE AWAY!! Just enter to win here. GOOD LUCK!




**Although Springfree are one of our beloved partners, we can wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that we ADORE their tramps and this review is independently written full of love and bouncy happiness, with our beautiful Jess having shelled out her hard-earned $$ for her wonder tramp off her own impeccably tanned back.