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The rebel mamas competing in Sydney to Hobart

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By Nicole Fuge

We all know mums are capable of a f*ckload, but Take Me To Australia #bossmama Clare Southwell and badass stuntwoman Marese Emanuel are taking things to a cray new level – competing in the Sydney to Hobart Race this month.

Now, they’re not completely batsh*t crazy… Clare has cred as a dinghy sailor in her teens and early 20s, she even competed around the world and sailed with dual Olympian Sarah Ayton. And she’s since made a comeback to sailing this year, so she’s not too rusty at the helm.

take me to australia mama disrupt

So where did this idea come from?

“A good friend of mine celebrated their 40th birthday celebrations down in Hobart, and one of our friends was staying on ‘Magic Miles,’ a 62 ft Hobart yacht. One evening we arranged a leisurely sail with the skipper. I took the helm and wonderful memories came flooding back. That’s when I knew I couldn’t live without sailing any longer,” Clare says.

“Six months later I got the call asking me how my sailing was going, and to see if I’d like to sail in the Sydney to Hobart. I’ve never been so excited or scared about anything in my life. I knew how dangerous and unpredictable the Sydney to Hobart could be, but something instinctively told me that I needed to do it.

take me to australia mama disrupt

“I’m not sure if it is because my daughter is older now, but for some reason I have been hit with this urge to get out there are rediscover my long-lost passions. I feel like a huge part of me has returned with more fire than ever.”

When Clare asked her BFF, Marese Emanuel (a badass stuntwoman who has doubled for some of Australia’s most ah-mazing actresses), if she’d do the race with her, her answer was F*CK YEAH!

take me to australia mama disrupt

“Rese is one of the gutsiest people I know. Her attitude is highly infectious, she’s been involved at a highly competitive level in water sports for many years and has spent a lot of time on boats of one kind or another. I was sure she would be a great asset to have on board.

“I didn’t expect to be sailing again after giving up all those years ago, but after stepping foot on the boat in Tasmania at the beginning of the year, I knew that I wanted to race again and achieve some big goals that I’d pushed aside. I haven’t stopped sailing since. My biggest concern is the lack of sleep, with 3 to 4-hour rotations. I don’t think anyone finds that easy. In saying that, I feel absolutely determined to take this on and go from strength to strength in my sailing.

take me to australia mama disrupt

“I really believe that it’s never too late to do what you love. Both Rese and I are mums to young kids and would love them to see us leading by example. Hopefully one day they will do the same and chase their own dreams without age, anyone or anything stopping them.”

These two fierce AF mamas are raising funds for Rafiki Mwema – a charity that provides safe and therapeutic homes for young children in Kenya who have suffered horrific abuse. Massive high fives to Clare and Marese for being such increds role models to their baes. Who run the world?! GIRLS!

take me to australia mama disrupt

The Sydney to Hobart race starts on Boxing Day and arrives in time for New Year celebrations in Hobart. You got this!

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