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The secret weapon all beauty mamas need

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

The other day we posted a hilare iso mama truth on our Insta I’m getting way too comfortable looking this ugly all the time, and it really made me stop and think about how f*ckin lazy I’ve become in iso. Loungewear and PJs are on high rotation, most days are sans bra (which makes for an awkward interaction when the postie drops my online shopping at the door), and I’ve been rocking the mum bun for so long my hair has ‘muscle memory’.

It means my beauty regime has been somewhat lacking (I feel for my poor hubby, bahaha!), but there’s one product which continues to be used all. day. long.

I’ve been using Pure Paw Paw since before it was cool, so can totes vouch for its awesomeness now that it’s spawned four cute AF minis in a 15g pocket-friendly size – PLUS it’s avail in four delish flavours strawberry, grape, watermelon and passion fruit.

Pure Paw Paw is used for just about EVERYTHING and is made from 100% pure papaya sourced from far north Queensland, which is then fermented in Melbourne. PPP also uses the natural humectant, beeswax (no hidden nasties, #winning!) which is the secret to keeping moisture in your skin and its soothing qualities.

3 more reasons we love Pure Paw Paw

1 // It makes your lips kissable

Pure papaya ointment is no stranger to your smackers. Just dab it onto dry, sore and chapped lips and it’ll whip them into instantly kissable shape. The new 15g size also comes with a lip applicator so you don’t need to wipe sticky fingers on your lounge!

pure paw paw mama disrupt
2 // It’s a dream for your skin

Cuticle cream? They got you. Face feeling flaky and dry? They can save that too. Just pop a thin layer on overnight and watch your skin drink it up. But that’s not all! Thanks to its magical soothing powers you can also use PPP on cuts, rashes, burns, chafing, stings and cracked skin. So if your bebe has nappy rash, you can use PPP to soothe and protect their bottom, and it’s a natural remedy for sore and cracked nipples whilst breastfeeding. One product, all the fixes – now THAT’S a mama hack!

pure paw paw mama disrupt
3 // It’s a game changer for make-up application

A surprise benefit of PPP has been its use as the ultimate make-up all-rounder. Use it as a moisturising lip primer, under eyeshadow to help the colour blend perfectly, tap some onto your cheekbones as an instant, glossy highlighter, or pop some on an old mascara wand and brush through your brows to groom and set in place. Genius.

pure paw paw mama disrupt