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Time To Hit The Reset Button? Try These Realistic Goal Setting Tips

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By Kerrie Simon-Lawrence

It’s that time of year, when we feel the need to hit the reset button. Set resolutions. Start goal setting.

Maybe you’ve already started making promises.

There is something about New Year’s Eve that gives us the sense that anything is possible.

But as those first, fresh days of the new year turn into weeks, and now months, resolutions have been kicked to the curb to make way for the stresses of everyday life.

Sound familiar?

1 // I will drop a couple of jeans sizes

IT LASTED: Until the next day. Specifically, a New Year’s morning hangover cure of greasy fry-up, and a hair of the dog. Need we say more?

WE SUGGEST: Mama, you are more than the size of your jeans.

We get it; some days you look in the mirror and barely recognize the woman staring back at you.

And we’re all for exercising for its benefits to both mental and physical health. But punishing yourself to shrink your butt?


So by all means, strap your trainers on and go for a run to clear your head, to breathe some fresh air and get those endorphins pumping.

But, know that being fit and healthy is about more than the number on your clothes tag.

resolutions mama disrupt
2 // I will save money

IT LASTED: Until the New Year online sales.

WE SUGGEST: You deserve a spoil every now and then, but it’s pretty important to stick to a savings plan, especially when it comes to those big-ticket items such as a house deposit, school fees, or even the annual family holiday.

Saving doesn’t need to be a totally joyless punish though.

Scott Pope – also known as The Barefoot Investor – has what can only be described as a cult following of Aussies.

You can do it. 2022 could be the year you save some cash.

resolutions mama disrupt
3 // I will see my friends more

IT LASTED: Until the reality of work, kids, the house and a never-ending pile of washing set in.

WE SUGGEST: Girlfriend, you need your girlfriends.

We know time is in short supply, but we also know that the village that is our gal-pals is what will help us push through the rough bits of the year ahead.

Catch-ups don’t have to be elaborate or expensive – it can be a 20-minute coffee before school pick-up, or a half-hour gossip at the park while you push littlies on the swing.

Make this one a priority for the year ahead, mama.

resolutions mama disrupt
4 // I will be more adventurous

IT LASTED: Until you realised you had no idea where to start.

WE SUGGEST: Adventures come in all shapes and sizes – from an all-the-bells-and-whistles holiday to an afternoon hiking with the family.

Hell, motherhood itself is the freakin’ freakiest of adventures!

Budget isn’t an excuse for not sticking to this one – pack the kids and a picnic and head out for the day: adventure guaranteed!

Not only will you be happy to be out and about and discovering new things, but it’ll be priceless time for your fam-bam to spend together too.

Double win!

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5 // I will shout less

IT LASTED: Until the toddler flushed his Transformer down the toilet.

WE SUGGEST: Look, we all wish we could be that chilled, zen mother all of the time.

But let’s be frank here: raising little humans can be exasperating at times.

You’ve got buttons, and your kids know how to press them. We also know that you totally beat yourself up every time your voice goes over a certain octave, are we right?

Here’s the drill: there will be days when being a little shouty is par for the course.

But if you feel your shouty days outnumber your more chilled days, why not give some meditation a whirl?

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6 // I will spend less time on social media

IT LASTED: Until you opened your eyes on New Year’s Day.

WE SUGGEST: Social media can be for the most part, pretty harmless, and hey it’s an enjoyable way to connect.

But if you find yourself more into your phone as you lay in bed than you’re into your partner, or if you’re missing conversations with your kiddos because you’re deep in cyber-stalk mode, then maybe it’s time to cut back.

You know what else is a bit dangerous? Using social media to compare yourself to other mamas.

Never forget that those little Instagram squares are completely curated nano-moments of a person’s life.

No one has their sh*t together as much as their social media feed suggests.

If you feel you need to self regulate, why not try to introduce a “no phones” period each day?

And definitely unfollow anyone that makes you feel rubbish about yourself.

goal setting, resolutions mama disrupt
7 // I will learn a new skill

IT LASTED: Well, it never really started, did it?

WE SUGGEST: Whether it’s learning photography, to speak Japanese or how to do Shiatsu massage, learning new things is an awesome way to not only expand your knowledge, but also to meet new people and open up your social circle.

Check out your local community colleges for courses that tend to be flexible in attendance and don’t cost the earth.

We’re standing firm on this one, mama. You deserve something that is totally and utterly for you.

goal setting, resolutions mama disrupt