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Understanding cycle syncing – your personalised life-hack manual

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It’s time to harness your hormonal shifts, optimise your mood, energy, and productivity with cycle syncing. Dance to your hormonal rhythm mamacita!

By Charlotte Cruz

Have you ever had those days when you just felt on top of the world, full of energy and ready to conquer anything, and other days when the couch was your best friend? Enter cycle syncing. It’s like having a life-hack manual based on your menstrual cycle. So, let’s chat about how it works, shall we?

First off, our menstrual cycle is not just about that “time of the month.” Nope, it’s a month-long dance of hormonal changes that affects our mood, energy, and even cravings. By understanding and embracing these shifts, ladies can really make the most out of each phase.


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Menstrual phase (days 1-5)

Picture this – you’re cozying up with your fav blanket, enjoying some self-care, perhaps with a good book or movie. That’s the vibe during the menstrual phase. Since our hormone levels are at their lowest, it’s all about recharging and pampering ourselves.

Follicular phase (days 6-14)

Now, this is when the magic happens! As estrogen levels rise, it’s like Mother Nature’s version of a caffeine shot. You’ll likely feel more vibrant, creative, and ready to take on the world. Ever thought about starting a new project or brainstorming a cool idea? This phase is your green light.

Ovulatory phase (days 15-17)

Think of this as your social butterfly moment. With estrogen peaking, you’re often feeling more outgoing and communicative. It’s the perfect time for lively dinners, networking, or even a fun workout class with friends.

Luteal phase (days 18-28)

As we gear down, this phase is like the Sunday of our cycle. It’s a mix of prepping for the coming week and relaxing. With energy tapering off, it’s ideal for tidying up, getting organised, and, of course, a bit of self-care to manage those pre-period feels.

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Cycle syncing is a lot like tailoring your month around your hormonal playlist. And while it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution (because let’s face it, we’re all fabulously unique), it’s a fun and empowering way to tune into our bodies. Always remember, though, that while this approach is insightful, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional if you’re thinking of making any big changes.

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