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Why we’re getting back to school ready with Clarks

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Do you have a new starter at school? What a milestone. Welcome to the club, school mama! If you are already feeling overwhelmed by getting your little boo ready for the big day, let us help you tick off one of the most important things: school shoes.


Yep, school shoes are a biggie. Because kids spend a huge amount of time on their feet at school. Which is why it’s so important to make sure their tootsies are comfy and supported during the day so they can spend more time having fun, and less time counting down the hours until they can take their shoes off.

You’d be amazed at how this can distract them and affect how they feel about going to school. We’ve been there, and it’s not fun.

Clarks is truly a brand that cares about looking after little people. With a shoe to support every kiddo’s foot in a range of styles, lengths and widths [yes, width is just as important as length when growing], including lace-ups, Velcro, Mary-Janes and more – you can relax knowing that your mini-me is in the best hands [and shoes *boom tish*] and will be able to rock their day.

And so will you, relaxed in the knowledge that your little learner is being looked after by Clarks. From kindergarten through to senior school, Clarks is our #1 choice for footwear.


clarks, back to school, mama disrupt

4 reasons we love Clarks

1. There is a fit for every foot

Let’s just take a look at Clarks’ best sellers for example – Daytona and Infinity. The Daytona comes in 234 different sizes and has 6 width fittings. And the Infinity [which is the girls’ version] is available in 155 different sizes and 5 width fittings.

“On average, kids spend more than 15,000 hours in their school shoes each year and they’ll walk the equivalent of a trip from Perth to Melbourne,” Clarks National Sales Manager, Brett Cale says.

“Our feet have 19 muscles, 26 bones and 107 ligaments, and an ill-fitting school shoe can leave kids susceptible to injuries, as well as affecting their posture and may cause pain.”

This is why both the Daytona and Infinity styles have full grain leather upper for all-year wear and leather lining for breathability and all-day comfort. It’s no wonder these shoes have stepped up to icon status!

2. Cool technology for super fresh feet

The clever peeps at Clarks have also created Micro-Fresh technology for their shoes.

It is the perfect solution to fighting bacteria and preventing foot odour and mould to help even the most active of students … *cue the round of applause from mamas everywhere*.

clarks, back to school, mama disrupt

3. Comfier than ever

This year, the Clarks team is launching their brand new Cushion Max technology that provides even better cushioning and support for their popular Clarks Mantra and Master shoes.

Your kiddos will feel like they are walking on air.

4. Stylish shoes for every boo

The full Clarks Back to School range has 44 different styles – including junior and senior sports shoes, formal shoes, collabs with iconic brands like Minecraft, and a new ‘Cloud Castle’ collection featuring fairy princess designs in the inner soles. Bless.

And for junior students who prefer sneaker style school shoes, Clarks also has an epic range of sport shoes that can be worn all day, are hard-wearing and provide ultimate comfort. Check out the Advance, Award and Active styles, which are firm favs.

All of these factors mean your mini boo can feel comfy AND cool in their school shoes. And we know that even the smallest boost in confidence helps put a pep in their step when they walk through that school gate on Day 1 [which puts mama’s mind at ease].

Get #SchoolReady with Clarks

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