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5 Reasons We Love Purebaby’s Essentials Collection

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By Mama Disrupt® and Purebaby

Newborn skin. Is there anything more beautiful?

Which is why all mamas want to dress their little bundles of deliciousness in the very, very best.

It’s no secret Purebaby is a firm fav among mamas, and their Purebaby Essentials collection is simply sublime.

purebaby, mama disrupt

5 Reasons We Love Purebaby’s Essentials Collection

1 // It is made from lush organic cotton

Everything in Purebaby’s Essentials collection has been made especially for delicate newborn skin, using the softest 100% GOTs certified organic cotton [making those newborn snugs even cosier].

What does this mean? It means that their certified organic items have at least 95% organic fibres, and that their dyes are free from harsh chemicals and other pollutant materials.

Nothing but the best for your baby!

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2 // Baby clothing that will stand the test of time

Ask any mama and she will tell you, baby clothing needs to be durable, because… reflux, nappy blowouts, and general messiness happens. A LOT.

So it’s a good thing that Purebaby’s breathable organic cotton stays soft and keeps its shape wash, after wash, after wash.

This means your baby can wear their fav Purebaby clothes time and time again. Plus, you can hold onto it and pass it down to siblings, or onto preggie friends and family.

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3 // Functional and stylish

Functionality is another #musthave. Because dressing a wriggly baby can be tricky… especially in the middle of the night, in the back of the car, or on-the-go.

This is why every single style in the Essentials collection has super functional features. Think in-built mittens, two-way zips and safety folds.

You know, practical features all mums and newborns need.

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4 // Everything you need to dress your baby

The Essentials collection has every style you need for your baby’s wardrobe, including growsuits [which you can grab in handy 2-packs and 4-packs], singlets, bodysuits, hats, socks and accessories.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Hospital Pack bundle… genius!

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5 // You can buy it anywhere, anytime

It’s no secret that mums are pros when it comes to online shopping… especially during those cluster feeding sessions with newborns.

And with Purebaby’s Essentials collection available online, you can keep your babe’s wardrobe stocked all year round.