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Feeling overwhelmed? Here are 8 life hacks to make every day a little easier

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By incorporating these 8 life hacks you’ll alleviate some of the mental load, which most mamas know, is heavy AF. We got you.

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Don’t worry, these life hacks don’t require you to hire a live-in nanny or outsource all your laundry [although if anyone’s offering, we’ll take it…]

With these life hacks you’re sure to become more efficient, organised, calm and get more out of each day. #WINNING.

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1. Download your brain

Spend a little time putting all of the important dates in your phone’s calendar for the rest of the year. From when you need to have the car serviced, through to birthdays and anniversaries, pop reminders in for the week ahead, and on the day itself. You’ll be well prepared for every event. And bonus, you won’t have to do a last-minute dash to the shops for an emergency b’day pressie. Life hack!

2. Create a Landing Strip

Create a designated ‘landing strip’ in your entranceway for incoming and outgoing items. Think packages, store returns, and essentials you need when you leave the house. Handbags, keys, sunscreen and so on. To keep this space neat, add hooks for keys, a table top for bigger items like bags, and a box or storage solutions for papers and packages.

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3. Make a just-in-case kit

Keep emergency items [aka handy kits of useful stuff] in key places. We’ve all wasted precious time when upstairs at home, at the office, in the car, or at a loved one’s house searching for [or having to buy] those ‘just in case’ items. We’re talking scissors, tape, paper towels, umbrellas, make-up, extra kids’ outfits and so on. All the stuff that comes in handy at the most unexpected times. Reclaim wasted time by placing ‘just-in-case kits’ in different places like the car, office, upstairs/downstairs. This life hack comes in handy when you least expect it.

4. Make life easy

Help yourself by thinking about your daily routine and arranging things to suit your patterns. For example, put things where they work for you such as vitamins with your breakfast items, coffee keep cups with your handbag and headphones with your phone and keys. Simple but hugely effective.

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5. Write a ‘while you wait’ to-do list

Create a ‘while you wait’ to-do list for all of those times you have a spare few minutes at home. Think RSVP’ing to events, writing thank you cards, filling in permission slips. Create a ‘While I wait…’ email folder and pop in all emails you need to reply to that week, and create to-do notes on your phone of things you need to schedule in. Sometimes just writing it all down takes a load off your mind.

6. Get set tech

Create a tech station at one of your power sockets in a designated room and keep all chargers [phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and so on] here. Imagine the time you’ll save. Maybe the ultimate life hack is just having a place for everything…

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7. Create a bedside essentials box

Create a little box of bedside essentials in your bedside table. Keep it stocked with pens, notepads, a torch, tissues and such things you find you need. This way if you need – or remember – something, you can quickly take care of it.

8. Put your shelves to work

To keep things off the floor and as neat as possible in all living spaces [especially lounge rooms], make use of all shelves and cupboards. Find a home for everything you keep in these spaces. Think board games, books, remotes, magazines and so on. You might want to shop for baskets, trays, or crates to help keep these items organised.

Ready to get organised? We hope these 8 life hacks help, mama.

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