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BODY + SOUL: Breast Cancer Awareness

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By Natalie Bascur

You may have noticed your inbox filling up with invites to fundraisers or luncheons for Breast Cancer awareness month, but before you forward these to junk mail, just remember Breast Cancer is still the most common cancer in women, with 1 in 8 diagnosed by the time they reach 85.

And to help raise awareness, The Breast Cancer Network of Australia have listed numerous events to raise money for breast cancer sufferers. From a Girls Night In PJ party, hosting a breakfast at work, attending a ladies fashion show or high tea, or participating in a Fun Run, there’s lots of ways to get involved.

But most importantly mamas, take some time to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of breast cancer. By knowing what to look out for, this will ensure you will have the best chance of undergoing treatment earlier in the diagnosis. There is nothing you can do to prevent breast cancer, but there are definitely ways to stay on top of detection.

How to Perform a Monthly Check
Endeavour to do a self check once a month, lying down. A good way to do this routinely (and so you don’t forget!) is before you get out of bed in the morning or before you go to sleep.

1. Put a pillow beneath your shoulder, then raise one hand behind your head.

2. Place your flattened fingers firmly on your breast. Move in small circles, starting at the outside, then towards the nipple, including under the arm.

3. Repeat movements on the other side with arm raised. Should you notice anything unusual, make an appointment at your GP as soon as possible.

Be There for Her
Do you have a loved one needing further testing? Offer to make a day of it and go with them. Most women will not ask, but it makes the world of difference to have someone there by your side, in an unfamiliar environment. Never underestimate the power of a familiar face at a time when one is faced with fear, anxiety, shock, and a loss of control.

We’ve got your backs, mamas xx

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