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[Guest Editor] Sam Gash: Is the Pursuit of Balance Making you More Stressed?

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Everyone talks about work/life balance, but the pursuit of balance is creating undue overwhelm and anxiety, particularly for working mothers.

By Sam Gash

It’s so important to have grace with yourself. And to understand that at times you need to pull your energies into more singular objectives.

Whether that be work, family or passion related.

And then the balance comes when you share that dialled in focus with those around you, and give yourself a timeline and a goal.

For me, I like to be aware of how I am spending my time and to reflect on whether that aligns with my values and priorities.

Write down all of the ways you spend your time and how much time you spend on each activity.

Then ask yourself does your time spent sync up with your priorities. You have to dedicate time to the things that are important to you.

The big one is – you must realise you can’t have it all at once. And where you can, learn to ask for support or delegate activities. It’s so important.

Balance, Sam Gash, Mama Disrupt
Why mums need to prioritise self-care

I believe self-care is so important and it is the missing piece of the puzzle for many mothers.

So many women place their family’s health and happiness above their own. Yet the irony is the less time we invest into ourselves the less we are able to give.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

You need to practise self-care for YOU. And it can be anything. Gardening, exercising, spending time with girlfriends, watching a movie, getting your hair done, meditating – whatever it is. Do it.

I promise it will help you reduce your stress levels, increase your energy levels, enable you to give more and allow you to feel grounded both emotionally and physically.

This isn’t a gift you are giving yourself; it is a must.

Balance, Sam Gash, Mama Disrupt
Self-care during a pandemic

Part of self-care is how we connect to both ourselves, our goals and to a community of likeminded and supportive individuals.

Many of the ways we used to interact and connect with each other have been taken away these last 18 months. We haven’t been able to go on big group runs, head out to dinner or travel interstate [let alone overseas].

We are simultaneously in an epidemic of loneliness where many people feel as though they don’t belong, because they have lost their ability to connect.

That is why I created Her Trails with my business partner Bec Wilcock.

It is a global adventure platform for women, offering holistic online trail programs and helping you achieve your goals in a 360 way (physically, socially, nutritionally and mentally). Plus, it is connecting women from all around the world, through our Facebook community group.

Balance, Sam Gash, Mama Disrupt
The importance of keeping active

It’s so important to invest time into moving your body.

It boosts your mood, keeps you mentally active and lets you have an outlet and community just for you.

I also believe that mums should keep creating goals that extend themselves, it’s what we are designed to do as humans and is an important part of growth.

Balance, Sam Gash, Mama Disrupt
Easy ways a busy mum can work movement into her day

Firstly, explain to your partner that this is important to you, it is a non-negotiable activity for your physical and mental health.

Then choose a community or a gym that helps parents – some gyms have childcare so you can take your bub with you.

Have a coach – someone who can train you from home. Or have a gym buddy who you will lift you up on those down days.

Be patient. You have new priorities now so don’t expect to be as fit as you always have been, just do the work when you can.

And follow a holistic program that focuses on a female’s physiology.

You can do this.