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Experience Fiji with Nanuku’s Amaze Kid’s Kava Ceremony #familyvacay

By Nicole Fuge

If you’re looking for an awesome family hol, you can’t go wrong in Fiji. The sun, the sand, the sea, the island time, the… Kava! Get me there. STAT!

And now, sipping on tongue-tingling Kava (an incredible customary experience for mamas and papas visiting Fiji – the Fijian singing alone is uhhh-mazing), can be experienced by your minis too, in their very own traditional Kid’s Kava ceremony at Nanuku Auberge Resort.

fiji nanuku auberge mama disrupt kids kava ceremonies chocolate

From donning Fijian attire, to speaking in traditional dialogue, the Kid’s Kava ceremonies at Nanuku are the real deal (except for the chocolate milk instead of Kava, but shh don’t tell the littlies). Yes, your kids will look like little Fijian warriors, and OMG, it is the cutest thing ever! Mind. Blown.

fiji nanuku auberge mama disrupt kids kava ceremonies chocolate

And if your babes aren’t keen on Kava, there are other traditional activities to keep them occupied at Nanuku, such as flower basket weaving, coconut husking, Lei making, rice planting and bamboo raft building, so you can at least have a chance at finishing the book you have stashed in your carry-on while your kids are learning about this beautiful culture.

fiji nanuku auberge mama disrupt

Here are 3 more reasons why we love Nanuku Auberge Resort:


Make the most of complimentary babysitting for kids up to 6 years old – and for families with kids aged 6 to 14 years, a Nanuku buddy is there to help. Kids under 8 years can stay, play and eat for free, while kids over 8 pay 50% of the normal children’s meal plans. Winning!

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Nanuku is seriously committed to sustainability, more than simply swapping plastic straws for biodegradable ones. ‘Planet Auberge’ incorporates marine conservation, a strict recycling protocol and a renewable and organic food policy. You little ones can even have a hands-on lesson with a marine biologist on the reef and plant coral.

fiji nanuku auberge mama disrupt


It turns out we’re not the only ones obsessed with Nanuku Auberge Resort. They won a swag of awards at Trip Advisor’s 2019 Travelers’ Choice Award including Best Luxury Hotel in Fiji, Top 10 Small Hotels in Fiji, Top 10 Hotels for Families in Fiji, Top 10 Hotels for Service in Fiji, Top 25 Small Hotels in the South Pacific, and Top 25 Luxury Hotels in the South Pacific. Now that is pretty freakin’ increds (but then again, I’d be happy in a tent)!

fiji nanuku auberge mama disrupt

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