bedroom styling in winter mama disrupt

8 interior styling hacks to keep cosy this Winter

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by Justine Wilson, Vault Interiors

With a little mama magic, you can create a comfy and cosy sanctuary this winter that is just for you. Perfect for snuggling up under the blankets with the latest issue of Mama Disrupt and a cup of tea (or a glass of red depending on the day you’ve had!)

bedroom styling in winter mama disrupt

Bring back the HEAT with these 8 styling hacks for your boudoir…


Instead of cranking up the temp on your heater, warm up your bedroom by layering textures and fabrics that will help trap in the heat. Adding a thick wool or faux fur throw to your bed will instantly create an inviting space, and have you feeling fancy AF.


Switch up your bedroom colour scheme by adding cushions, accessories, vessels and candles in rich colours and deep tones of plum, magenta and mustard. 


Bring your stress levels down a notch with a cluster of candles, providing much needed warmth and light. Grab a large tray and add a few different sized candles with winter scents such as vanilla and caramel to set the ultimate romantic (read: baby making) mood. 

bedroom styling in winter mama disrupt

4 // RUGS

If you have wooden floorboards or tiles in your bedroom, create instant warmth with a simple plush shag or sisal rug to keep your tootsies warm and comfy – which really comes in handy for those late night feeds!


Breathe fresh new life into your bedroom by adding a vase of fresh flowers or small potted plant on your bedside table or on top of your dresser. Not only will it bring your decor to Insta-worthy new heights, fresh plants also help filtrate the air. 

bedroom styling in winter mama disrupt


With less natural light in the winter months, incorporate floor and table lights to help brighten up your bedroom. Pro tip: Swap out cool bulbs for warmer ones to create a more relaxed and comfortable environment.


If you’re pushed for space, use a large-scale mirror to instantly make your bedroom feel bigger. A floor length standing mirror or large wall mirror hung vertically can brighten up the space while also bringing warmth and light to your bedroom.


Thick floor-length curtains create instant insulation and trap in the heat to keep your bedroom looking and feeling warm and cosy all day long.

bedroom styling in winter mama disrupt

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