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Are you feeling stressed? Feel more zen with these 4 tips

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The mental load is heavy and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So if you’re feeling stressed it’s time to declutter your body, mind and soul.

By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

It’s only the start of the year, but I know I’m not the only one who feels like their soul is weary. I’m still recovering from the craziness of Christmas and now it’s back to school time. It feels like there is literally always something.

And it doesn’t help that the mental load is heavy – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious by it all.

But while decluttering is usually something you think about when you get rid of some of the useless sh*t we have laying around at home. Did you know that the same goes for ourselves?

It’s time to declutter your body, mind and soul, ladies.

Zen guru Zoe Dent, who is a Holistic Health Scientist and Amazonia Nutritionist, says ‘spring cleaning’ your wellness routine keeps your mind and soul strong (and helps you feel less stressed).

But ridding ourselves of things that no longer serve us can also be an emotional journey, which can be tough to face. So here are Zoe’s fav four hacks to help us all reach Zen Mama status. Namaste!


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1. Prioritise yourself

If you’re going to love yourself, then need to prioritise yourself.

Yep, that’s right. YOU!

Only when you make yourself your upmost priority is when you start being responsible for your feelings and actions.

Remembering that people come and go, but you are your only constant, try mindfulness and gratitude exercises each morning such as intention setting and journaling.

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2. Get outside

Been cooped up and lacking Vitamin D?

Get out in the sunshine and catch some morning rays. A natural antidepressant, outdoor exercise can help ward off depression and anxiety because sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that affects your mood. So you will naturally feel less stressed.

Plus, exercise produces endorphins, another feel-good hormone that boosts your mood and reduces pain.

The fresh air also helps to alleviate insomnia, meaning you will fall asleep easier and improve the quality of your sleep. So many benefits!

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3. Sleep more

Lack of sleep is the likely culprit to many health problems (both inside and out) and before you say it – we’re mamas, sleep is something we’re ALL lacking. But it is possible to catch some more Zzzzs.

Did you know that a dull, dreary complexion is because of crashing into bed way past our bedtime? Yup!

Depriving ourselves of a solid siesta is in fact the scientific explanation behind such factors as skin break-outs, poor mental clarity, tired puffy eyes, decreased productivity, low self-esteems and even depression.

So beauty sleep is totes a real thing and super important for a happier, healthier life.

While it may seem impossible to boost your sleep when you have a teething baby or you’re in the middle of another f*ckin sleep regression, even creating a night-time ritual can do wonders – try unwinding with meditation, banning social media a few hours before bedtime, reading and eating dinner earlier.

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4. Nourish your bod

Does your body feel tired AF, you have a bloated stomach, and dull skin and hair? It could be your digestive system.

It is where we both absorb nutrients from our foods, and where we dispel toxins through elimination.

So if it’s not working properly, our bods struggle.

Try moving more, drinking more water, cutting out dairy, sugar, gluten and soy (don’t worry it’s temporary), supporting your gut flora with pre and probiotics, eating as many wholefoods as possible.

Even doing a few of those things goes a long way to making you feel a lot brighter!

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