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Have you tried cozy cardio? The new workout trend on TikTok

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Most of the trends on TikTok are a bit too cringe, but the viral sensation that is cozy cardio, is literally made for us. Grab your iced latte, light a candle and let’s go.

By Mama Disrupt®

If you’re anything like us and find yourself scrolling through TikTok during those teeny pockets of “me-time“, you might’ve spotted the buzz around this gem – cozy cardio. Now, what in the world is this magic, and why are we, mums, loving it so much?

Imagine a workout that’s all heart, but less hustle. Cozy cardio is like cuddling up with a good book, but you’re moving! Maybe you’re swaying to your fav tunes in your cozy PJs or perhaps strolling on the treadmill lost in that binge-worthy Netflix series. Ever thought of stretching out with some gentle yoga by the warmth of your fireplace? That’s the spirit of cozy cardio.


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Here’s the thing – sometimes the high-intensity, jump-around-the-room workouts just aren’t our jam. We’re exhausted, pressed for time, or perhaps just not in the mood to get sweaty in a room full of strangers. Cozy cardio gets us. It says, “Mama, do it your way, in your space, at your speed.”

Here’s the cherry on top – this isn’t just some feel-good movement. There’s some real good it does for us:

  • Melting away those stress clouds
  • Inviting in that deep, peaceful sleep
  • Perking up our energy vibes
  • Lifting our spirits
  • Keeping our goddess bods moving
  • Boosting heart and lung health
  • Flexing and strengthening our muscles

And the most magical bit? It’s like a little love letter to our emotional and mental wellbeing, reminding us how fabulous and strong we are amid the whirlwind of motherhood.

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Motivation mojo

If you’re nodding along thinking, “Yes, that’s the slice of workout heaven I’ve been dreaming of,” here are some gentle nudges to get you started:

  1. Pick your groove: Be it groovy dances, serene walks, or calming yoga – find what tickles your heart.
  2. Start slow and gentle: No need to run a marathon on day one, love. Small steps!
  3. Joy is key: Play those guilty pleasure tracks, laugh at that rom-com, or set up a cozy candle-lit nook.
  4. Listen to your body: If it says rest, honey, you rest. We’ll always have tomorrow.

So, darling mamas, if there’s ever been a time to love on yourself and shimmy in your jammies – it’s now. Let’s embrace this cozy cardio charm and sprinkle a little self love magic into our days.

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