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REAL MUM REVIEW: Medela Solo Breast Pump

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By Mama Disrupt® 

Are you a breastfeeding mama, or a mama-to-be wanting to breastfeed?

If you are wanting to breastfeed, one thing that can absolutely make or break your experience is a good breast pump.

Not all pumps are equal, and can affect your ability to pump – impacting your breastfeeding journey, and your early days as a mum. It’s therefore really important that you invest in a pump that is going to support you in the way you need.

There are so many reasons a good breast pump can help:

– if your baby isn’t latching properly

– if you need to give your nipples a rest [they can be sooo sore at the beginning]

– if you want to leave your baby with someone else [yes, it’s totally ok to have a night out]

– if you need to boost your milk supply

– if you want to share the load with your partner [yes, he can wake up and feed the baby too, this is 2021]

We’ve recently discovered the NEW Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump and heard some very cool things about it. Claims like it is compact [you can take it anywhere], it’s easy to use and it’s fast. This baby has even been said to help you collect more milk.

Fact or fiction? Hype or hell yeah?!

We wanted to know, so we got hold of a few Medela Solo Breast Pumps and sent them out to some real mums to try, including our very own Managing Editor Nicole [who has her own little ball of deliciousness], for a test-run.

Here is what they had to say…

Medela Solo Breast Pump Review: What the mamas are saying

Trelise Blade, breastfeeding a five-month-old
[verified reviewer]


Trelise started pumping to help bring her milk in initially, when her baby daughter was separated from her in special care. Both mama and babe are now home and continue to express feed to enable hubby to help with feeding duties, to allow Trelise to have a glass of wine if she wants to, and to get bub used to being fed by her grandparents – which is important as Trelise goes back to work soon.

“I absolutely love this pump! It’s very comfortable, incredibly easy to put together, and so easy to use. I can move around with it and still do other things because it is super mobile and small. And I LOVE the let-down button. It is such a great feature which speeds up the pumping time for me. In fact, the speed/effectiveness overall is excellent. The pump is not bulky at all, so it looks great sitting out if needed – I didn’t feel like a milking machine, which I have done with a previous pump. The portable and compact design of the Medela Solo also encourages me to pump more. I used to not pump because I found my other pump a hassle to pull out, put together, plug-in and use. This is not the case with the Solo. And finally, I loved the look of it – it is cute and sleek, so I have felt comfortable having it out when guests are here.”

Would you recommend this pump to a friend? I have already

Would you buy this pump? Yes, yes, yes!

Demi Smith, breastfeeding a four-month-old
[verified reviewer]


Being able to pump with her second child was important to Demi because with her first child, Demi didn’t have a good pumping experience. She couldn’t express much milk, and the pump she was using hurt her nipples. This time around she wanted to find a pump that would allow her the freedom and independence she needed, whilst giving her partner the opportunity to bond with their baby.

“Before discovering the Medela Solo Breast Pump, I was quite disheartened and I thought I wasn’t making enough milk. The Medela Solo however, performs so much better than others I have used! After my previous expressing issues, this pump has made me feel more comfortable and willing to pump. I also love that the lack of little pieces to assemble and clean saves so much time and precious dishwasher space. The nipple shield is comfortable and can be turned around to suit your breast shape too. I love how the pump feels – the materials used. It’s nice and matte and doesn’t feel cheap or clinical. The buttons are easy to use, and I love how quiet it is. I barely notice the noise at all. I was pumping the other day, and my husband asked me if it was even turned on!”

Would you recommend this pump to a friend? Definitely

Would you buy this pump? Yes

Alicia Tazelaar, breastfeeding a six-month-old
[verified reviewer]


Alicia initially started pumping so she could get a good night’s sleep while her partner helped with night feeds. She now also pumps to boost her supply whilst she mix-feeds her mini to help with his weight gain issues.

“Pumping hasn’t been an easy task for me in the past. I’ve tried both a cheap pump and an expensive pump. With my cheaper pump, I would only get max 30ml in a 10 minute pump, and even with my expensive pump, I was only getting 50ml each side. I felt like an inefficient pumper! With the Medela Solo Breast Pump, I managed to get more out! Yay! It is so simple, yet effective. It is much more comfortable and easier to use than the others I have tried. I love how user-friendly it is – my former expensive pump had so many settings, it was overwhelming! I also love how quiet and portable this one is, and how long it lasts between charges, but yet still maintains such a good suction. This pump is 100 times better than the previous pump I used! There is nothing I could improve upon. It’s a 5/5 from me.”

Would you recommend this pump to a friend? Yes

Would you buy this pump? Yes

Nicole Fuge, breastfeeding a seven-month-old
[Managing Editor of Mama Disrupt®]


Nicole started pumping because her nipples were sore and damaged from establishing breastfeeding, so she alternated breastfeeding with bottles of expressed breast milk for a few weeks. Plus she needed to boost her milk supply because her newborn was having trouble gaining weight. Now, she only pumps once a day for bottle feeds.

“As a mum-of-two, my movements often revolve around my baby’s and toddler’s needs. So I really need a breast pump that fits into my life. The Solo does that. It’s super quiet, allowing me to pump in bed while my baby boy sleeps beside me. It’s light and compact, so I can pump while sitting on the couch and sculling my morning coffee. And it’s easy to put together and use, so I can even pump while making breakfast for my hungry toddler… I just pop the motor unit in my pocket and away I go. And it’s things like that – being able to continue mumming – that make the Solo a great breast pump.”

Would you recommend this pump to a friend? Yes

Would you buy this pump? Yes


Our real mums are raving about the Medela Solo Breast Pump – so it absolutely seems to be living up to its hype. Mums are loving the ease of being able to pump anywhere, and the fact it is super comfy. Plus, being able to easily put it together, use it, and clean it, is a big win. So if you are a breastfeeding mama, or you are pregnant and want to breastfeed your baby, the Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump seems to be a #musthave for your baby essentials.