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Our 3 Fav Bugaboo Prams Ever

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Mums talk about prams and strollers like baby-daddies talk about cars. There’s research and road testing involved and let’s be real – they’ve got to look the sh*t too! Which is why we fangirl big time when it comes to Bugaboo. They ALWAYS have the goods and are known among mamas as being the best!

And we love that Bugaboo prams are designed for discovery, for bundling up your tribe and going ANYWHERE. Because when you have kiddos, you really don’t have to go all that far to discover a world of something new… everything is new in the eyes of a child. Bless ’em. It’s also a plus that getting out and about doesn’t have to be a chore, because with Bugaboo, they design really cool products and parenting solutions that make spending time with your bambino exciting, memorable, and F-U-N!

So having road tested Bugaboo’s collection (the perks to having our bebes hanging out with us at MD® HQ), we’ve ranked our three Bugaboo favs – get amongst it mamacita!

Bugaboo Mama Disrupt
1 // Bugaboo Fox 2

I have one thing to say about the Bugaboo Fox 2… COMFY AF! It srsly strikes the perfect balance between comfort and safety, lightness and strength, steady grip and responsive steering – which are all super important in mama’s books!​ It’s also light to push and turn, so you’re always in control, and it has XL wheels and the mother of all suspensions to smooth out any surface (perf for all of those off-road adventures at the park!) While the mums freaking crush on this pram, the babes love it too. The dreamy padding keeps them snug as a bug, it’s oh so soft so they’ll literally want to sleep anywhere, and the cushioned seat keeps them steady and safe on any terrain.​ Oh and did I mention it’s easy to fold and carry anywhere? Yup, no need to call on your baby-daddy to help you with this one. Say it with me, ‘I am an independent woman!’ So whether you’re strolling around the city or heading off on rad adventures, THIS is the ultimate pram to cover all of your needs (that’s what 20 years of perfection will get you).

Bugaboo Mama Disrupt
2 // Bugaboo Lynx

Sometimes it’s hard enough to get out the door when you have kids, let alone take them anywhere. But with the Bugaboo Lynx, life is made easier (hallelujah!), whether you’re popping out to the shops or going on an epic adventure. Wherever you want to go it’s ready. Now this is a super popular pram because it’s so lightweight, and its large under seat basket means you can easily keep everything you need within reach; you know, things like snacks, toys, snacks, pacifiers, more snacks. And the fingertip steering makes it a dream to turn around tight corners and busy sidewalks one handed (a must when you’ve had zero sleep and need to get your caffeine hit while on your morning walk). The compact design and one piece fold also means it’s easy to lift and fit in the boot of a car, which let’s be honest is always one of the biggest deciding factors when buying a pram… the last thing a girl wants to hear is it doesn’t fit.

Bugaboo Mama Disrupt
3 // Bugaboo Cameleon 3 plus

And last but definitely not least, say hullo to the Bugaboo pram that inspired the rest​. This is the OG. It’s the go-everywhere pram that makes a trip to the store or a walk in the woods easy and fun. ​Our fav feature is the easy flip of the handlebar so you can have your mini bae looking out into the big wide world and then flip the handlebar to have them face you while they munch on some snacks. It’s that easyyy! Plus with a quick flip of the reversible handlebar, you’re in all terrain mode, taking on anything in your path with bigger front wheels which maintain grip when sidewalks turn to sand. You can totally go anywhere! ​From folding to strolling, the iconic Bugaboo Cameleon 3 plus is super practical and simple to use. We love it. And you do too, with millions of happy mums, dads and bubs around the world, this original Bugaboo design has been helping families go further and discover more for over 15 years – you can’t argue with that. ​ ​

Bugaboo Mama Disrupt


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