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Michael Klim: “What really goes through a dad’s mind in becoming a father”

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Ever wondered what really goes through a dad’s mind in becoming a father? Papa of three, swimming legend and Milk & Co Founder, Michael Klim, shares the thoughts he had when his three children were born.

By Michael Klim

Daunted dad

“For me, becoming a dad for the first time was both daunting and exciting. It was daunting because I became a dad at an early age and it was a little bit unexpected.”

First-time father

“I was much more relaxed and easy-going with my second and third kids because I knew what to expect. Once you know what to expect it’s easier and the little things you jumped at or panicked about with your first become less worrying.”

Michael Klim with daughter FrankieLife-changer

“Seeing each of my children (Stella, Rocco and Frankie) for the first time was a very uplifting and life-changing moment. Looking back not only does it change your life, but now I can’t imagine life without them.”

Biggest surprise

“Although the gene pool is the same it’s so fascinating how different each of your children act, how different they look, how different they behave. I was really excited to see the evolution within each of them. They all have different interests and none of them have taken the swimming route but that’s fine (laughs).”

Paternal pressures

“I think there’s an expectation around what fatherhood is and what to expect or how to be the ‘perfect dad’. I read a lot of books but there’s no real guide, nothing can actually prepare you and you just kind of learn as you go.”

Insatiable love

“You have this insatiable love for them the moment they are born. You do everything for them out of this instant feeling of limitless love. To this day that connection is still there and it’s hard to explain.”

Fascinating fatherhood

“The whole notion that we are able to reproduce and create these amazing little human beings that grow into adults and have their own personalities and interests is so fascinating and exciting.”

Miachel Klim with kids in swimming poolPersistent parenthood

“Very early on I got used to the notion of being tired the whole time due to the relentless nature of parenthood. Even when you go away and try to have a break, they tend to find you (laughs).”

Best bits

“I love the connection and friendship I have with my children. It’s also nice to be wanted, needed.”

…and the worst?

“The kids are demanding, let’s not beat around the bush (laughs). They want your attention, they don’t stop, and they’ve got a lot more energy than parents.”

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