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Postpartum Series: New mum’s guide to postpartum recovery

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Jump into the world of postpartum recovery. We’re dishing on how to pamper your mind, body, and soul for a happy, healthy start to new motherhood.

This feature is Part 1 of our Postpartum Series in partnership with Belly Bands, exploring the fourth trimester and how to care for the woman inside the mother. Sign up to our newsletter for more.

Welcome to the sisterhood.

The postpartum period is your personal ‘fourth trimester’, a time just as important as the previous nine months. Think of it as the secret level in the video game of new motherhood, where you discover strengths you never knew you had. The statement #strongasamother didn’t come from nowhere.

During this season there is the physical recovery (you literally created and birthed new life!). You are recovering mentally and emotionally, too (thanks, hormones). And you are getting to know a new person – YOU.

Postpartum is a blend of joy, challenges, learning and love. And this li’l guide is your friendly hand-hold through it all. We are diving into all things postpartum recovery – self love style. Because guess what? Taking care of your newborn involves taking care of yourself too … which is something they really should be telling you in antenatal classes *just saying*.

So, buckle up, buttercup. You’re on a rollercoaster ride of motherhood, and it’s going to be fabulous. Just remember, gorgeous, you are the sun in your baby’s sky, and you need to shine bright.


belly bands, postpartum recovery, mama disrupt

Understanding Postpartum Changes
Physical Changes

Your body’s just done something utterly amazing – it’s brought new life into the world. Seriously, let’s just stop for a moment and give the female body the love and admiration she deserves.

From healing where your baby made their debut, to your breasts preparing for feeding, your body’s still on duty after birth.

Emotional Wellbeing

Then there are the hormone shifts. One moment you’re over the moon, and the next, you might find yourself in tears scrolling through Insta. Welcome to the postpartum emotional bungee jump. It’s all part of the ride, and it is perfectly normal to feel a bit all over the place. But, if you’re feeling persistently down or anxious, it’s super important to chat with a professional. No mum should navigate these waters alone.

belly bands, postpartum recovery, mama disrupt

Nurturing Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Taking care of your mind, body, and soul post-baby isn’t just a luxury; it’s an absolute must. Here are some ways you can do just that:

1. Rest and Recovery

Yes, we’re starting with the golden rule: rest. With a newborn, sleep can feel like a long-lost friend, but it’s crucial for your recovery. Create a peaceful sleep environment, even if it’s just a cosy corner with a comfy chair. When the baby nods off, give yourself permission to take a break too.

2. Fuelling your body

You need energy – and lots of it. Focus on foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you’re breastfeeding, your body is working overtime, so nutrient-dense foods like lean meats, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables are your best friends. And remember, hydration is key! Keep a water bottle handy at all times.

3. Ease into exercise

We’re not suggesting hitting the gym for a HIIT workout straight away. Start with gentle activities like walking or postpartum-specific exercises. Always listen to your body and your doctor’s advice on when to start and what to do.

Recovery is not a race, remember to be kind to yourself.

belly bands, postpartum recovery, mama disrupt

4. Support from the inside out

Think of The Belly Band as a big, supportive hug for your body after all it’s been through. You’ve done an incredible job, and now it’s time to take a little of that load off.

But remember, not all belly bands are created equal. So if you experience pain during or after pregnancy (6-in-10 ladies do) – you want to make sure you are properly investing in yourself and in your health.

Belly Bands is the OG *praise hands*. Australian-made and backed by medical professionals, Belly Bands is safe for pregnancy and gently lifts to support your centre (it doesn’t squeeze like a waist trainer). Then, when it comes to helping your body through its postpartum recovery journey, it provides gentle, comforting support to your abdomen and lower back. If you are one of the 38% of women in Australia who birth via C-section, this can be a real game-changer in how you feel day-to-day.

It is a way of saying ‘thank you’ to your body and giving it the care she deserves as she heals and regains strength.

5. Mind Health

Keep the lines of communication open. Chat with your partner, your mum, friends, join new mum groups, or seek professional help if you’re feeling anything but yourself. Postpartum is a time of huge emotional adjustment, and it’s perfectly normal to need some extra support. You do not need to push through or go it alone.

6. Mindfulness and Relaxation

Incorporate mindfulness or relaxation techniques into your routine. Whether it’s meditation, deep breathing exercises, or just sitting quietly with a cup of tea while baby sleeps, these small moments can help centre your thoughts and reduce stress. It’s all about finding little pockets of time throughout the day to reset your soul.

belly bands, postpartum recovery, mama disrupt

Connecting with Your Baby
Bonding Time

Newborn snugs – is there anything better? That skin-to-skin contact isn’t just good for baby; it’s a mood booster for you too. Sing to them, talk to them, let them wrap their tiny hand around your finger. These moments are the golden threads in the fabric of your bond. But just remember that everyone bonds with their baby in different ways and at different stages. No two experiences are ever the same.

Understanding Baby’s Needs

Babies might not come with manuals, but they do have their own unique ways of communicating. It’s a learning curve figuring out what each cry and giggle means, but you’ll get there. And when you do, it’s like unlocking a secret love language.

mama disrupt

Remember, your journey through motherhood is yours, and taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for both you and your baby. So, embrace this special time with all the love and kindness you deserve.

You’re doing an incredible job… you really are.


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This feature is Part 1 of our Postpartum Series in partnership with Belly Bands, exploring the fourth trimester and how to care for the woman inside the mother. Sign up to our newsletter for more.

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