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The secret weapon to extending your bae’s day naps

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By Nicole Fuge

SLEEP has almost become a dirty word in our household… and as our daughter approaches her first birthday I’m STILL trying to figure out her sleep patterns. Some nights she’ll sleep through, other nights she’s waking on the hour (making this mama f*cking tired!)

During daylight hours, she’s always been a crazy little catnapper – 30 mins on the dot and she’s wide awake and ready to keep the party going! I realised she needed total darkness in her room in order to get some decent shut eye, so I went on the hunt… that’s when I found the fab new ergoPouch White Window Blockout. It is a GAME. CHANGER.

ergopouch mama disrupt

4 fav benefits of the new Window Blockout

1 // It blocks 100% of sunlight, YUP!

Making your bebe’s room DARK and COOL – any time of day.

2 // It doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue

The Window Blockout is made from a clever static-cling decal material and adheres through static – so it’s reusable again and again. Take it down during the day when it’s time to play, and then reapply again for nap time. Easy!

ergopouch mama disrupt
3 // It’s quick and easy to fit (you don’t even need your baby-daddy to do it)

The Window Blockout is made from non-toxic PVC and comes in a two or three roll pack so it can be cut to size to fit your windows.

4 // It’s practical AND it looks cool (pun intended!)

It is white on both sides – the room-facing side is a textured matte to complement your nursery décor, while the outside-facing side reflects light away from the room to help maintain a cooler room temp and keep your babe from overheating.

ergopouch mama disrupt

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