Pregnancy fashion - rihanna wearing sheer black

Celebs Disrupting The Pregnancy Fashion Game

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Maternity style, pregnancy fashion – whatever you want to call it, it’s come a long way since the days of muu-muus and tired tracksuit pants (although tbh, we’re still loving our loungewear too.)

But with celebs from Rihanna to Beyonce joining the mama crew, preggie bellies are front and centre. And we are here for it!

Here are some of our fave pregnancy fashion moments from celeb mamas and their baby bumps…

By Gemma Dawkins

Rihanna pregnant in a pink coat

Photo credit: Miles Diggs, @Diggzy, Shutterstock

1 // Rihanna

All hail the undisputed queen of the maternity game. When Rihanna and her partner ASAP Rocky announced their pregnancy, they did it in style, with these iconic pics by Diggzy. If the hot pink parka wasn’t enough to grab your attention, then Rihanna’s bejewelled belly sure is. And sure enough, bare bellies have been trending ever since Rihanna stepped out with hers.


Pregnancy style - Ashley Graham in a purple bodysuit

Image: @ashleygraham

2 // Ashley Graham

Supermodel turned Supermama Ashley is a professional fashionista. And while we’ve all stocked up on onesies in size 000, Ashley may be the first babymama we’ve seen rocking one herself! When it’s SKIMS x FENDI, can you blame her? (Plus, check out that stretch factor – big tick!)


Pregnancy fashion - Kim Kardashian wears a floral maternity dress

Image: @kimkardashian

3 // Kim Kardashian

Speaking of SKIMS, the brand’s founder has had her own viral pregnancy fashion moments. Starting with this floral Givenchy number, which Kim K wore to her first ever Met Gala Ball in 2013. Speaking to Vogue, Kim says that she was “crying the whole way home,” thanks to an outpouring of memes comparing her to everything from a couch to Mrs Doubtfire. But looking back now, she says, “I love it.” And so do we.

Pregnant Halsey wearing a rainbow bralette

Image: @samdameshek

4 // Halsey

The singer told People that they wanted “to be a mom more than I want to be a pop star, more than I want to be anything in the world.” And with baby Ender’s first birthday this week, that wish has come true – but not before mama Halsey shared this sweet announcement picture. Turquoise eyeliner? Rainbow crochet? Boyfriend jeans? Pregnancy fashion has upped its game.


Beyonce's pregnancy announcement

Image: @beyonce

5 // Beyonce

Queen B’s first pregnancy announcement, live on stage, was a showstopping moment. But then she went and did it again, with this jaw-dropping Instagram moment to announce her pregnancy with twins. And while B’s notoriously private, her pregnancy fashion is nothing but extra. Golden for the Grammys? Red and wreathed? We wouldn’t expect anything less.


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