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Find out why this pram has mamas saying… YES! 

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When it comes to buying prams, there’s a lot to consider. Including what will you do as your little one grows and your family expands – Buy more than one pram? Buy a pram that comes with adjustments (like switches from basinet to seat)? Replace a single pram with a double? What if there was a solution that trumps all of these choices…

Say hello to the mama-approved duet pram by Mountain Buggy.

With Mountain Buggy having over 20 years of pioneering all-terrain adventure, the duet hits it out of the ballpark when it comes to innovation.

First up, the clever duet pram has multiple modes that will see you through as your baby grows and when you decide to expand the fam bam.

Use the pram as a single with storage for one precious little one then transform it into a double for two; whether it’s two capsules, two carrycots or two seats.

 If that’s not enough, the carrycot converts to give you parent-facing seat power, which is all-important during those early years when that connection with your little ones is so vital.

Created by the pram connoisseurs at Mountain Buggy, it’s no surprise to learn that manoeuvrability, durability, adaptability and simplicity are all at the core of the duet.

With so many great features, we take a closer look at what you’ll love the most.

// 3 reasons why parents LOVE the duet pram (and why it should be on your must-buy list)

1 // Create great sibling connections, side-by-side

Photo: @reviejane

The duet is amazing for fostering that connection between siblings – think cheeky laughing, hand holding and general bonding. Quick, grab the tissues, mama!

Whether you’re a parent of twins or have two little ones close in age, the duet seats kids side-by-side to interact and share their experiences.

2 // It’s only as wide as a single pram

duet_lifestyle_single_HERORolling into your local cafe for brunch will be a breeze as duet is only 63cm wide, the same width as the hugely popular Mountain Buggy urban jungle single pram.

Say hello to slipping through doorways with ease and seamlessly navigating your way around people when you’re in a rush.

“The duet moved through the crowds just like a single,” says Adele Barbaro from Melbourne.

3 // All-in-one pram that grows with your family

DAAS 2If you plan on growing your family (or you’re not sure yet) and want to invest in just one pram that offers you flexibility, the duet is perfect as it goes from single to double.

For one child, lie the main seat flat or purchase an additional carrycot plus accessory.  Connect the tote bag via the joey clip to the second seat position. Hello shopping space.

When the time comes to expand the fam bam, you can get the ‘family pack’ to accommodate two, or if family life  starts with twins, you’ll need duet with two seats from the get go!

“This bad boy has been my partner in crime since day dot – helping me navigate twin-mum life,” says Jessica Sheed from Wellington, New Zealand.

Mountain Buggy duet is available now at Baby Bunting.

Hero image: @reviejane

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