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[GUEST EDITOR] Dr Dain Heer: Mind-bending techniques that can change your life

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Author and inspiration influencer Dr Dain Heer has made a name for himself teaching mind-bending techniques that might just change your life for the better.

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The mind is a powerful thing. But can it really change your life, simply by changing the way you think? We asked Dr Dain Heer about how shifting your mindset can shift the power across all areas of your life.

“If you wake up feeling heavy, a great question to ask is either, ‘Universe, please help!’ or ‘Universe, show me something beautiful.’ Then see what magic shows up for you.”

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The universe will never give you anything you can’t handle

You’re stronger than you think and we live in a benevolent universe. The universe has your back, and constantly wants to gift you all the time (whether you believe it or not!).

It’s just that most of us never ask for it to contribute. Have you heard of the phrase, ‘Ask and you shall receive?’ That’s how the universe works.

If you wake up feeling heavy, a great question to ask is either, ‘Universe, please help!’ or ‘Universe, show me something beautiful.’ Then see what magic shows up for you.

It could be little things – noticing that a beautiful flower is blooming or a friend bringing you a coffee, ‘just because’. These are all little moments where the universe is gifting you, without you even asking for it.

Imagine what would happen if you asked for more to show up!

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Your point of view creates your reality

Your thoughts become things. What you think, you become.

For example, you can have two people going through the same situation. One sees the glass half empty and the other sees the glass half full. Two people can experience the exact same situation and are affected by it differently. You can choose to be the type of person who sees possibilities in a situation and comes out the other side better than when they started.

Think of people who get laid off from a job, and then think, ‘Maybe I could finally start that business I’ve been dreaming about.’ When someone asks how you are, do you start to go into your problems, or do you say, ‘I’m great, thank you!’?

It’s such a simple shift, but by changing our outlook on life, we literally change our life. And the really cool part about it is that it’s OUR CHOICE.

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Strategies for coping when you’re feeling down

A good question to ask every thought, feeling and emotion is, ‘Who does this belong to?’

Have you ever walked into a room where someone was sad, and you started getting sad? That’s because you’re aware of other people.

So a great question to ask yourself is, ‘Is this mine?’ every time you feel sad, hopeless, angry, etc. If the feeling lightens up even a little bit, it’s NOT YOURS. Just return it to sender and move on.

I suggest people ask one of the questions above to every thought, feeling and emotion they have for three days. If it lightens up when you do, just return it to sender.

You don’t even have to know who or where the sender is. I’ve done this three-day exercise many times in the last 20 years, and every time I do it, I have a very clear head space, because it’s not full of everyone else’s stuff.

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How to bring a stagnant relationship back to life

Make the choice EVERY DAY to start fresh. No past score cards. No grudges. Instead of thinking of what they have or haven’t done, try choosing gratitude.

When’s the last time you said to your partner how grateful you are for them? If we get over needing to be right and making our partner wrong, and choosing gratitude instead.

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For the mums struggling in parenthood…

Most of us learned to parent from our parents, who learned it from their parents, and so on. The funny thing is, we often hear our parents’ words (that we hated) coming out of our mouths towards our children.

If we can realise that our parents did the best job they could with the tools they had available, maybe we can let them off the hook for all the wrongs we perceive they inflicted on us.

In doing so, we’d also get closer to letting ourselves off the hook for all the wrongs we think we’re inflicting on our own children.

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Advice we can pass onto our children

My point of view is that a parent’s primary job is to teach their children how to navigate the world successfully.

I believe the greatest gift a parent can give their child is the awareness that every choice creates. Choice is not right or wrong, choice just creates outcomes. And if we can teach our children to make more choices to create the outcomes they desire, we will have given them a tool that will allow them to create their lives successfully.

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How to choose your ‘Good Vibes Only’ tribe

1. Hang out with HAPPY PEOPLE! The more you do, the happier you’ll get. This is one of the positive effects that occurs from being aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others.

2. Hang out with people who have no judgment! See how much your life improves – all that other stuff, the drama and chaos, will melt away.

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Life-Changing Body Talk

“What if you adopted the point of view that you didn’t need to fix your body, and instead just needed to listen to what it needs?” says Dr Dain. “Your body is intelligent and more aware of what it requires than we are. If you actually ask it what it desires, and listen to what it communicates, It will tell you what it needs.

Three questions to ask daily:

  1. Body, what would you like to eat?
  2. Body, what would you like to wear today?
  3. Body, what type of movement would you like to do?

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Three Steps To A Rich Person Mindset
  1. If you decide, ‘Money only comes from hard work,’ then that’s the only way money can come to you – from hard work! What if you changed your point of view to, ‘Even though I’m working less, money still comes to me easily’?
  2. Put away 10 per cent of everything you earn. Even if you earn $10, put 10 per cent away to pay yourself before paying bills or anything else.
  3. Finally, ask yourself, ‘What is the amount of money I’d have in my wallet if I were rich?’ and put that much money in your wallet and DON’T SPEND IT. It could be as simple as keeping $100 in sight every time you open up your wallet. This gets us used to HAVING money instead of spending it. Once we get used to that, money starts showing up from the strangest places.