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Heading Back to Work After Maternity Leave?

In Boss Mama, Features, Stories by Nicole Fuge

Let’s be honest… seeing the number of maternity leave days count down SUCKS! Most mamas would gladly set up camp in the newborn bubble and stay there for the rest of the days. But that’s not reality and there comes a time in most new mamas’ lives, when you’re going to have …

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How to Balance Working from Home and Motherhood

In Features, Life, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Mama Disrupt® Two years into this sh*tstorm and so many mums are still working from home while taking care of the kids full-time. To say it’s a struggle is a massive understatement. So if you have your kids at home with you, you’re no doubt trying to balance their schedule …

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5 Tips For Renovating Your Kid’s Bedroom

In Features, Spaces, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations  If your mini has outgrown their space and you’re stuck for ideas, here are 5 tips for renovating your kid’s bedroom. Pssst… the third hack is genius! 1 // PLAN FOR THE YOUNG ADULTS THEY’LL BECOME Creating a knockout …

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How to Make Life Easier As a Mother

In Features, Motherhood, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Jessica Hill of The Parent Collective Want to know how to make life easier as a mother and reduce the invisible load? There are lots of terms you may have heard: invisible work, mental load, second shift, emotional labour…. all try to get at those tasks which are unseen and …