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Declutter your mind: 5 easy steps to a clearer, calmer you

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A busy mind often leads to stress and then ’round the bend is overwhelm. Try these tips to declutter your mind.

By Roberta Hughes

When life is busy, our minds get cluttered with all the thoughts required to manage and stay afloat. These thoughts take up space and energy, often leaving us feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

So if life is starting to get on top of you and you’re struggling to find moments of peace among raising kiddos, tending to relationships, and juggling the responsibilities of life… try these tips to clear the clutter from your mind.


declutter your mind, mama disrupt
1. Connect to Your Breath

When your mind is focused on your breath, it can’t focus on thoughts at the same time.

So when you notice that your mind is cluttered with thoughts, take a moment to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Close your eyes. Feel the inhale and follow it with your attention. Feel the exhale and follow it with your attention. It’s that simple.

declutter your mind, mama disrupt

2. Practice Digital Peace

Technology stimulates your brain and activates your sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight).

To give your brain a break, carve out small pockets of Digital Peace each day. Set a timer for 15 minutes and replace technology with grounding activities like journaling, reading a book, taking a walk, doing yoga or meditating.

Grounding activities stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax).

A calmer presence leads to a less cluttered mind.

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3. Purge Your Thoughts

Negative thoughts drain your energy.

Have you ever listened to your inner critic? Do you wish she would stop talking? If she has your attention, she will keep sending thoughts, criticisms, and judgement your way.

Notice when your mind is taking up space with negative thoughts. As you develop awareness of your negative thoughts, it becomes easier to let them go.

Create a ritual for yourself so you learn how to release negative thoughts when they show up.

Close your eyes and visualise the thoughts floating away, leaving you with a more peaceful mind.

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4. Take up Pilates or Yoga

Mind/Body movement practices are known to reduce stress and anxiety. Why? These practices train your brain to concentrate on centering, breathing, and fluid movement.

As you connect to the movement of your body and the feeling of your breath, cluttered thoughts disappear.

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5. Organise Your Thoughts

Attempting to manage your thoughts inside your head only creates more clutter. It’s like bringing in groceries before you clean out the fridge.

Your brain can only hold so much.

Use a planner (either a physical one or a digital version) to organise your thoughts and free up space. Organise errands, appointments, reminders, and details to help you stay focused on the things that need your attention.

Choose a planner that inspires clarity and reduces your mental stress.

With practice, these simple actions can declutter your thoughts and lighten your mental load so that you can enjoy more peaceful moments throughout your day.

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