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9 Ways To Stay Active In The Third Trimester

In Features, Motherhood, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Dr Samantha Clarke (PhD), clinical psychologist and personal trainer The third trimester of pregnancy is often referred to as the ‘teary’ stage, and with good reason. Usually you have gained around 10-15kg of very uneven weight. It’s hard to sleep soundly. The overall physical discomfort is REAL – indigestion, …

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5 Ways To A Happy, Healthy Heart

In Body + Soul, Features, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor Mamas have STRONG hearts, we go through a lot a lot of physical, mental and emotional sh*t in a day. And while we think about February as being the month of LOVE – giving out heart-shaped chocolates and cards on Valentine’s Day, February is …

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5 Ways To Boost Your Wellbeing This Spring

In Features, Life, Stories by Nicole Fuge

By Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef This year has not been easy, and almost everyone’s mental wellness has taken a hit – you’re probably feeling like you need to boost your wellbeing. Right? One thing a lot of people may not know is that your diet plays an important role in helping …