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The #1 thing you must do this month

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Over the overwhelm? Here’s how to take back control.

By Jessica Jane Sammut, Founder of Mama Disrupt

Feeling like you are doing it all?

You probably are.

My brain most days feels like it has been thrown in the microwave. On high.

And I know I’m not alone.

As women juggling making-and-baking humans, stopping toddlers from putting their fingers in power sockets, keeping our teens on the straight and narrow, working, running the world and taking responsibility for Everyone Else’s Mental Wellbeing, it’s a lot.

We’re planning, organising, making, replying, strategising, fixing, predicting and coordinating on the daily. As for prioritising, I’ve given up. Isn’t everything ‘urgent’ anyway?

It doesn’t stop. The plates to spin just keep on coming.

And yeah, we do it. We do it bloody well. Because we’re freaks [freakin remarkable, that is].

But we’re not machines.

Should we do it all because we can?


Because we’re not meant to.

And if we try, we might get away with it for a little while.

But, it’s not going to end well.

If it was possible to check myself into an Apple Genius Bar for some extra RAM, I would.

But I can’t.

We all know what happens when the fan’s been running on the computer too long. You wake up one day and there’s code running across the screen. The whole thing’s cracked the big ones, and ain’t nothing gonna bring it back baby.

If only we had closed some tabs and unplugged it for a bit.

So what do we do? …

We step out of the spin cycle, lady, before it steps on us.

Instead of waiting until you burn out, make it your mission to notice when your wellbeing hasn’t made it to the top of your [very long] list for a few days.

And then put it there. Right there, slap bang at the top.

Make it happen.

Even if it’s simply grabbing some alone time [not so simple, I know], binge reading a ‘lil bit of goodness [find it here], eating a nutritious meal that you haven’t had to cook, or taking your weary soul to bed in a puff of smoke without so much as a permission slip in sight, it’s a circuit breaker that will alter the dynamic of your daily grind, reminding you that life is not supposed to be one big slog.

Do this each week, and you may even start to feel like a human again; one that finds life kinda fun [or maybe just funny].

So, as we enter Spring [the season of new beginnings] and start Women’s Health Week, let this also be the dawn of a new practice for yourself.

A practice where mama counts too.

It’s time to [not so] politely show overwhelm the door.

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